The evolution of TWIX! “It’s allll in the miiiiixxxxx.”


Twix's Evolutionary Process

At least this is the slogan that I think of when I pass the delicious caramel, cracker, chocolate bars in CVS. I think these were the ads that played during my “Nick Nick Nick N-Nick Nick Nick, Nickelodeon”-watching days.

I have grown rather accustomed to the face of my beloved Twix bars, most recently dubbing them as the most perfect (and economical!) fix to curb my MANY late-night sugar cravings. As your stereotypical college kid, I find myself lusting after snack foods more often than my favorite pair of skinny jeans (and bank account) would like. (I now base expenses on T fares- if it’s less than $1.70, I know it’s a bargain.)

By the spring semester of my freshman year, I had discovered that candy bars could offer not only just the right amount of satisfaction at 2am, but they also wouldn’t break the bank at an average unit price of a buck!

In fact, it has grown to be commonly accepted among my fellow 1019 CommAve residents that the candy wrappers in the stairwell leading to my suite are the Hansel and Gretel-like remnants of my own, yummy, late-night snacking.

My candy cravings really peaked last fall. Last semester’s Intro to Advertising final project was focused on candy bars, and my group was assigned to Snickers.

(Gag. I DO NOT care for the whole nut. I’ll enjoy just the butter, please.)

After months (and one sleepless, long night/morning in a Stuvi study room), my group analyzed candy sales and statistics, comparing the class’ assigned candies. Snickers, KitKat, and Reese’s are America’s top selling, and were selected by our professor for us to analyze.


Twix, fortunately, is the fourth-highest grossing candy in the US, and rarely undergoes advertising restructuring unless they slip behind M&M’s and fall into the number 5 spot. This may explain Twix’s changes from “Its 2 for me and none for you,” to “It’s All in the Mix,” to the current “Pause,” campaigning, which builds on the Twix bar resemblance to the universal pause symbol.

Now, with all of this adoration from the American public, imagine my surprise when, on one of my daily, nightly trips to the 1019 Dormitory Vending Machine, $1 in hand, I went to press D5 and was stared in the face by a cheerier, sleeker, NEW Twixular font! MESSING WITH MY CANDY- WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? MARS?!

I suppose due to this new “Pause” Eat a Twix advertising campaign, TWIX packaging has now morphed the dotted “i” into a pause-button-dotted-“i”.

At first, of course, I was not sure how I felt about the transition. I certainly paused my night of tweeting and Modern Family-watching to eat the chocolate packaged within. The Twix tastes the same. So I suppose that I can integrate this new mix into my daily Twix fix. Mars, I approve. Now if only you could develop a calorie-less Twix bar. Those would be some tricks that I could mix permanently into my diet!


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