valenTEA Party

valenTEA Party

Alice, Valentina, Teacups

logic behind the name of my blog:

boston tea party= historic USofA event in the city of boston involving boxes o’ tea.

tea party= british connotations of teatime sipping and jubilant festivity.

party= a fun time.

valentina (me) is in BOSTON having a very fun time! thusforth, I am having my own “tea” PARTY. (very fun time).

we all learned the transitive postulate. so, do the math. Yes, even us COM students can complete the basics.

Also, when I was wee I LAHVED the alice in wonderland statue in Central Park. played on it all the live-long day.

alice in wonderland is commonly characterized by the tea party scenes with the mad hatter, and I am certainly just as mad as a hatter, and as kooky as alice.

so, TAH DAH- valenTEA PARTY!

drink up.


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