PR is getting PRess

Kell on Earth vs. the SPINdustry

As a student in Boston University’s College of Communication- I feel the need to spew my word vomit… so. my thoughts:

Raking in 2.5 million viewers for E! Sunday night, Executive Producer Kim Kardashian tweeted her pleasure at the success of “The SPINdustry,” E!’s foray into PR reality television. E!, in bed with Ryan Seacrest, in bed with Kris Kardashian, in bed with Kim Kardashian, in bed with Jonathan Cheban, star of the new show, aired the half hour special conveniently after the KUWTK finale, where Kourtney birthed her own baby. (which, by the way, was more epic than any Olympic victory, I’m sorry, it just was- she pulled Mason out of HERSELF, HERSELF!)

for those of you that couldn’t follow: i have deducted the chain of connections to be as follows: E!>Seacrest>Kardashian>Cheban>E! its los angeles cyclic networking glory at it’s best.

The SPINdustry was positioned as a “documentary” about the PR world in Los Angeles, starring Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck of Command PR, a New York based PR agency.

In reality, The SPINdustry is just more E! reality. I don’t hate it. People watching E! aren’t watching to get the real behind-the-scenes look into celebrity culture, and those naïve enough to think E! reality television is real are probably the same people Cheban and Huck hire to work for them. Alex and the other stereotypical dumb blonde PR biddies that paraded in 5 inch Louboutins successfully helped perpetuate the negative PR stereotypes. Thanks. These are the girls who forced my decision into the Advertising branch of Mass Communications, and not Public Relations- you know, the girls who want to BE Samantha Jones? The girls who wanted to be a lawyer after they saw Elle Woods stand up to Warner. The girls who say things like, “irregardless.”

So although I watched the SPINdustry- I am not necessarily happy with what this means for competition in my attempt at finding a job post-graduation. As if Mad Men wasn’t enough to spark the masses towards Advertising, Bravo’s new “Kell on Earth,” the show that follows Kelly Cutrone’s fashion PR house People’s Revolution, has also shed recent light on the PR industry. Cutrone, no stranger to a camera crew (Kelly is The Hills’ and The City’s Whitney Port’s mentor of sorts), makeuplessly and obviously attempts to prove to viewers that she’s the bitch that just doesn’t care about anything but getting the job done right. In her endless efforts to position herself as “so New York,” Cutrone and her new show are right at home on Bravo.

Bravo is Manhattan, E! is LA.

And no, this isn’t all just about my adoration of the fact that I was born brunette, and will therefore always be taken more seriously than any of my blonde peers- because i genuinely have met some blonde PR students who wow me with their capabilities and selves (holla jenny h). but still, there are natural connotations for blondes and brunettes. so i think it is interesting the Cutrone’s office is mostly dark- while Cheban’s is of fairer hair. and just as the great lord henry says in the picture of dorian gray: “Never marry a woman with straw-colored hair, Dorian… because they are so sentimental.”

Kell on Earth and The SPINdustry are the quintessential embodiments of the natures of each network. They represent the fundamental differences between E! programming and Bravo. There is a certain level of credibility to Bravo reality that I have also respected. Unlike the ABC competition TV trash, Bravo has always been about that “slice of life” that American society so fervently craves (or at least I can’t get enough. C’mon. Jeff Lewis is JIZZtastic).  While E! focuses on Seacrest’s favorites and Hollywood superficiality, Bravo manages to maintain an East Coast charm and sophistication that California-based E! simply doesn’t have.

Cheban and Huck fail to SPIN their industry in any positive direction- but they are accomplishing their ultimate goal- to publicize Command PR. Likewise, Cutrone’s fashion clients have never been so busy as after the MTV and Bravo publicity. If picked up for more, will I watch The SPINdustry? Yes, but mostly just because if Scary Spice is on Team Cheban, then HECK YEA I AM TOO.

that is all.


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