Cali: Part 2

The <> is for the sorority...and it happens a lot.

March 6th: Libby and Sarah arrive in SanFran and we explore the city via tour with BertTom, man who was alive when the Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t. Haight Street is real cool to see, and I can feel the pot of gold at the end of the Castro rainbow beckoning for me to visit upon my return to NorCal the following week…

Also, that evening I choose to introduce new Californian friends to Ruth, a new character I embody at times. She is an elderly Judaic stereotype. Combo of a Yetta and a Bubby who enjoys discussing “yuh keppuluh” and offering you “buttaskahtch.” Crowd goes wild, and I rather enjoy Ruth in my life. She is witty, pleasant and refreshing, even with her sharp, biting tongue.


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