Cali: Part 7.

March 11th: A sad goodbye to Grandma Lou, Sarah, and Libby. Whittney and I pack up the turtle with Parmesan Crisps and hit the road. We’re still really broke, but Whitt is craving a sandwich, and I need caffeine. We get off on a random exit. I enter a gas station and ask if there is a Safeway, for Whittney really wants one of the supermarket’s deli sandwiches. “Otis,” as his grey striped jumpsuit nametag reads, explains “Uhh. There’s one about, 35 minutes east. But. The subway right there’s your best bet.” When I ask if maybe there’s a Safeway north of this particular gas station, Otis replies, blinking, “Oh. I never been north of here.” Subway it is. The woman, though entertained by my request, will not give me a 6 inch sandwich FO FREE.

As Whittney and I eat outside, I am sure that the Starbucks next door could offer free beverages to starving, poor college students. We enter. 2 young guys and 1 older woman. JACKPOT. We wait on line, but this is one of those over-achieving Starbucks, where the person ringing your order up is not the same barista making your drink. I hope that the next person to ask, “Can I get something started for you?” is this timid-esque baristo with freckles. SUCCESS! I mention, “Hey… so what exactly is Starbucks’s policy about giving venti iced mocha lattes with skim milk for free to broke college kids with ACTUALLY no money?” Without blinking, baristo responds, “Yea. Actually. Our policy’s really great. Has she heard about it too?” He points to Whittney who has been silently inching forward for the past minute. Whittney and I then leave Starbucks with 2 free lattes. Epic, Epic Win.


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