California: Part 10!

March 14th-15th: Whittney leaves Sunday morning, and I enjoy playing only child with the Toms all day Sunday. Cloe, Whittney’s dog is very confused, and I walk the Golden Gate Bridge! All the way across. Very. Cool. Experience.



Then I take another flight with Delta home. Floods of Noah’s Ark proportions have bombarded Boston, and my flight from Detroit to Boston is delayed 2 hours. Fortunately, I love airports. Unfortunately, Detroit’s tourism ad campaign needs a great deal of work. Also, Delta: I hate you. You should be embarrassed to call yourself an airline. Despicable compared to my beloved JetBlue. No Comparison. I hath offended JetBlue by insinuating that you would be in remotely the same category. You would not. JetBlue is CNN, and you, Delta, are FOX. Regardless,

All in all: California=Swank.



Loved it. Wanna return someday. Pending the realities that my future employers will supply the penthouse and Audi for me to cruise in down Sunset…


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