“Don’t Be a Twit, Tweet!”

I heart twitter.

I heart twitter.

It is no secret that I live to tweet. I love it. I honor it. I get it. I attempt to instill Twitter virtues in all peers.

Last week I was honored to present a “Total Membership Education” to my sorority. The MANDATORY event was a seminar/ discussion/ lecture of sorts which I titled “Don’t Be a Twit, Tweet!” and addressed the myriad of benefits of proper social networking. Using social media, I explained to the 100+ member organization who, what, where, when, why, and HOW to tweet. Thanks Caitlin Rose for the opportunity!


photo via TwitPic/ photo credit: @KelseyLabrot, EPIC tweep & Little

Unfortunately, the common Twitter dilemma is that many “don’t get it.” I feel confident that post-seminar, most of the girls “got it.” Everyone asked great and relevant questions, and it certainly helped that there were a few avid tweeps in the audience. Lots of new avid tweeters, lots of followers, lots of following, and I passed out Peeps as a Twitter-related reward for questions answered correctly!

A very special thanks goes to the following tweeps who tremendously helped develop my own Twitter infatuation, and offered a great deal of resourceful insight as I prepared: @BostonTweet, @DanChiz, @matthew_cobb, @crwilcox, @donovans8, @mmkmeghan, @KelseyLabrot, @kgaud, @KimKardashian, @juliettemiller, @redfriday, @BUADPi, @justinbreton, and @mashable.


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