FourSquare is not For Squares!



Hahahahah. I think it is sufficient to say that I am having WAY too much fun with the puns on these social networking site names…

Anyway, conversation lately (specifically since SXSW helped Foursquare EXPLODE) has been focused on the question, “What is foursquare?” A relatively late adopter myself, I turned to my social media maven @DanChiz to finally clarify for me the purpose, point, and methodology behind what was, as I understood it, an efficient online database of tweeps for certified stalkers.

A shameless stalker of celebs myself, (note: if BostonTweet is at a Boloco, I’m sooooo gonna try to hit up that Boloco ASAP!) I wasn’t quite sure that I was comfortable with the blatant nature of Foursquare. After much explanation, @DanChiz led me to see that Foursquare is stalking: THE GAME!

And what a fun, fun game it is! With my newest friends @BostonTweet, @DanChiz, and @donovans8, I quickly learned that when you open your phone up to GPS locating it is indeed irky. I don’t like it. I’ve always disabled Marsha (my BlackBerry) from using the location devices. I’m not one of those “Home Again” dog chip pets. If I’m someplace sketchy, you don’t need to know about it! Well, apparently with Foursquare, it is a user’s own choice whether or not to send their whereabouts to Twitter, and your location can just be known to your Foursquare friends- who you have approved to be made aware of your whereabouts.

So you get points when you check-in someplace (the more check-ins, the more points), points for adding locations, points for first checking into someplace, OR YOU CAN BECOME MAYOR! The mayorship and the ousting of the mayorship is the brute human competition that really gives Foursquare its appeal, I think. Then there’s all the badges a user receives for being awesome or checking in after 3am on a school night or being in a place with lots of fellow Foursquarers.

Valentina's Foursquare Stats

Valentina's Foursquare Stats

While, at present, I am a feeble newbie to the Foursquare world and am mayor of only 2 locations- one of which I added and the other in the middle of nowhere, Maryland- many users are AGGRESSIVE and will oust and check-in as though it were their job.

For example, Eastern Standard’s mayor is the bartender= lame. Foursquare needs different degrees of mayorship, because employees really can’t count. I should be vice mayor of ESKD, at the least.

Eastern Standard

Eastern Standard

Then there are the legitimate uses for Foursquare, many which Mashable addresses. Venues are watching and noticing check-ins, and hotels and restaurants are waiting for customers when they arrive, with special tables, deals, and treatment that leads to the best PR: word of mouth LOVE.

During fashion week in NY, when users checked into Marc Jacobs stores, 4 lucky randoms got tickets to the show. NO ONE GETS TICKETS TO A MARC SHOW! Not. Fair. Four. Square. Zagat has made a “Foodie” badge, and BRAVOTV, as always, is teaching everyone how it’s done.

So as Foursquare really starts to kick off, gain force, and eventually take on the world, I’m enjoying the fact that I get to be one of the lucky 18.5% of Americans with a smartphone that can actually use Foursquare…

This has been Valentina @ Boston University West Campus Dining Hall (BU West Dining Hall). Ethan D. is the mayor. That loser’s also the mayor of my building. Never met him. MUST. OUST. ASAP.


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