It is April, Fools!

OK. These lame puns NEED TO STOP! haha. can’t help it.

anyway. HAPPY APRIL! march was misery. weatherwise and workwise, I am SO DONE with march and the madness that went along with it. worst month ever. there’s no point to march- it is an awful filler month designed solely to test people’s suicidal tendencies. I know I came close to a slow, miserable death. BUT IT’S APRIL!  Already Susan Miller (who I SWEAR by) is predicting beautiful things, and so much is looking up, and the dining hall had REALLY RED apples, so April’s terrific already! YES.


Now, I have never really been a major subscriber to the practical jokes. April Fool’s was sort of just there. filler. to reward you for surviving the shitstorm that is march. oy.

Two years ago, my first April 1st with a Gmail account, I was fascinated by a new feature about “custom time” where sent emails could be sent in the past, and recipients could think emails were unread or sent weeks prior. It took me two days to figure out that Google loves hoaxes and I felt like a fool, indeed.

Autopilot was genius

Autopilot was genius

In ’09, Google continued pranking with AutoPilot, explaining that “as more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message. This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages.”

oh, so you remove vowels. cool? clever? yea, real sharp.

oh, so you remove vowels. cool? clever? yea, real sharp.

This year, I was REAL excited ’cause I was GONNA BE READY. Well, imagine my disappointment, when as an always-logged-in-with-my-username Gmail user, I missed all of the “Topeka” hoaxing and used my Gmail unaltered for April. LAME, GOOGLE. LAME. Mundane. Boring. Not special or believable. I genuinely thought that maybe Gmail was going to generate automatic responses to my email last year. No, this year I do not think that Google is going to rename their brand after some midwestern middleofnowhere town. I come from Cornwall, New York, after all!


underwhelmed. has the full list of some of Google’s best, but TISP still takes the cake.

Luckily, came through for us! BieberOrDie is absolute hilarity, and THE QUINTESSENTIAL April Fool’s Joke. Funny. Comical. Not too disabling, potentially believable, and you know there are a lot of confused users out there. Loved it.

THIS is not foolish

THIS is not foolish

Google fail. FunnyorDie win.


HAPPY APRIL, EVERYONE! WE MADE IT. Now check for whoopee cushions every time you sit down today…


UPDATE: touche melissa raffalow, Cali girl. THIS is a TERRRRRRIFFFFFFIC april fool’s joke. genius.


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