The Red Sox are resurrected the same day as JESUS. Coincidence? I think not.

SO I go to school in Boston.

My college campus is 20 feet from Fenway Park.

I was born and raised in the state of New York.

Opening Day, Easter Sunday, 2010

Opening Day, Easter Sunday, 2010

I found myself very conflicted on Easter Sunday, as I enjoyed the rays of sunshine in Boston Common, surrounded by the interesting paradox of the 2 religions represented throughout Boston. There were those practicing the teachings of Jesus, dressed in their Easter Sunday, Church-going finest. And then there were the faithful Sox fans, who donned Red Sox gear from head to toe, preparing for the OPENING DAY “Sox-Yanks” game that night in Fenway.

Friends of mine waited on line for tickets to the game- I passed. Sox- Yanks? Opening Day? Turns out they actually got ticket vouchers, which they sold at a profit and I regretted not tagging along. But I was laying in the Boston Common sunshine, people-watching per usual, smiling in the grass on the most BEAUTIFUL day.

I love the fact that on the same day that many are remembering the resurrection of CHRIST, most of this city is AMPED on the resurrection of the RED SOX.

I never know who to root for.

I never know who to root for.

The Red Sox ARE Boston’s Christ. The Sox are this city’s leader, and the entire city practices the teachings of the Red Sox. Sinners= Yankees. Church= Fenway. Christmas= World Series?

It was a fun game to watch, for athletically oblivious me. Watched it with good friends and LOVE THE ENERGY IN THIS CITY DURING BASEBALL SEASON, excited for the next 2 games, and April, you’re awesome.


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