Is my Generation the “New Busy?”

Considering I’m currently running on 3.4 hours of sleep, (a restful night compared to this week’s sleepy time averages for me) I’d say YES.

Strolling down BU’s campus on CommAve I spotted a new bus stop ad. The H&M fall campaign poster is still there, of course, because that creepy red head, Karen Elson, just will not go away, though it is well past “Fall 2009.”

h&m fall winter 09

I don't like that your hair matches those leaves. I am frightened. I won't wait for this bus anymore.

YET. I have been wildly busy lately, and was attracted to the ad that caught my eye. The phrase “9 to 5 is a cute idea,” is something I have uttered myself many a time lately, and this blown up explosion of my own thoughts right on Comm Ave piqued my interest.

bus stop

well, he may be working 9 to 5, but a lot of people aren't. and I'm sure he has to work later too.

While smartphones, wi-fi, and the overwhelming presence of technology in our society has forced the typical work week into Dodo-status, Hotmail has launched a new campaign that I’m loving. (Buttttt I am loyal to Gmail.)

When you go to the new campaign’s site, it is clear that Hotmail is trying to QUIRKILY attract new users of this new generation that DOES NOT do appointment television, combines all forms of media, tweets every 6 minutes, checks Facebook every ten, and gets news via text.

Hotmail. Tools for The New Busy.

"Hotmail. Tools for The New Busy." Main image on the homepage.

Apparently the Redmond company has yet to provide intense details on the launch, but it seems that Hotmail is getting ready to help new users balance, calm down, and ZEN.

Attempting to get users to look towards Hotmail for help balancing busy schedules, the whole site was really speaking to me.

busy homepage

Hotmail links, leading to the features of the new launch.

If I wasn’t so into Google for the same reasons I’m a Mac girl (I buy into the malarkey of the advertising, duh), I would certainly prepare myself to use Hotmail to help me when I don’t have my desk to get things done.

Now I’m off to make pancakes into exotic animal shapes.


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