this post is a LITTLE TOO LATE

After an irritating finals week, on Saturday, May 8th my dear lovaaaaa Joanna JoJo Amazingness invited me to de-stress with her night at Beantown HAUTE SPOT Estate. Jo performed 2 new jamz or “tracks” at “The Estate” in Boston. Since I DO know the Mayor of Estate on Foursquare personally (both the most recent past and present mayors, actually), it didn’t take much leg-pulling to get me there!



After primpin’ and Maybelline-applyin’ in her room at the HAUTE W Hotel on Stuart Street where I got to meet the FABULOUS Mama JoJo, we were greeted by Estate folk and essentially escorted through a backdoor. Yeah. As in, KIM KARDASHIAN TOTES WENT THE SAME WAY WHEN SHE SHOWED UP AT ESTATE SO ESSENTIALLY I AM KIM KARDASHIAN. YESSSSSS.

booboo gettin interviewed

booboo gettin interviewed

Joanna performed her song w Timbaland “The way you love meh. Eh eh. The way you love meh. Eh eh” and another amazing tune off her upcoming album “I don’t need nobahdy cause I’m sexy to meEeEeE” andddddd I LAHV LAHV Jo and all of the epicness that is to come off her new album.


She be puttin’ in werk and we gon’ watch her status ESCALATE. 😉 SUCH a fun night dancing w Joanna’s cousins and friends, that naturally ended with a celebratory feast on the bed. 😉

this is my ghettofaboosh face.

check out the estate site FO MO PIX


7 responses to “this post is a LITTLE TOO LATE

  1. Sean Smitt

    I Love JoJo, She is Only, My Love Beautiful,
    Wonderful 😀 🙂

  2. hiiiii sweety beuty girl on the planet

    really the most amazing girl

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  4. If only more people could read this.

  5. jojo you aer beautiful

  6. I love JoJo!

  7. Wow! I wish I could have been there !

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