i’m gonna start passing out props where deserved. aka raising the teacup– ironically today ’tis towards THE STARBUCKS:

Starbucks has obviously exerted large sums of their advertising and marketing budgets to the launch of this “NEW” “However-you-want-it” Frappuccino. I am currently perpetuating Starbucksian clichés from 2002 as I sit in a Manhattan Starbucks blogging, and I find it only appropriate that I comment since I have wanted to since this campaign first launched.


Wayyyyy to jump on and take advantage of the new consumer mind. It isssss all custom nowadays! My own google homepage, my own eerily accurate ads on the right side of my facebook feed, etc etc. I mean, you can even DIGITALLY create your own frappuccino (which is real hard to spell and I have misspelled it 135920 times but it is in FACT “fraPPuCCino”)

Sidenote: Starbucks is BBDO’s client, and David Lubars (CEO) went to BU and spoke to my freshman COM 101 class. woot woot COM is the BOMB. 😉

Honestly, everytime I ordered a Mocha Frappucino I thought it WAS with the milk, coffee and calories that I had requested, so the fact that you are telling me that all this is new, is actually news to me. Apparently before a frappucino couldn’t be customized as specifically as it can be now? Apparently not enough people were buying frappucinos if you ask me. But nonetheless, I appreciate the whimsy and manner in which Starbucks is directly targeting my age bracket consumer audience, and I think the ubiquity of the banner ads, commericials, and window stick-ons are doing a darn good job of making me want and order frappucinos.

Job well done, kudos, props, touché, snaps and I tip my teacup to you today, Starbucks. Slurpppp.


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