le fin d’09-10

As the year hath ended, I fondly look back and reflect.

FYSOP 20: Homelessness & Housing

FYSOP, the First Year Student Outreach Project, Homelessness & Housing Staff

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend on the Laucks Family boat, The Essential. It got beached. But it was fun and beachy nonetheless. 😉

Then the BU dining halls held their annual Lobster night and made my year, as always, and made tuition and student loans SO WORTH IT.

this poooooooor work study dining hall employee.

i don't remember our team name.

ADPi’s Friday Night Lights 09! Our team made it real far, not without making girls cry, SARAH VORHAUS.

Eastern Standard bathroom

some people do drugs in bathrooms, we have photo shoots.


JoBros at Mohegan Sun!

they’re not wax figures- though Nick REALLY looks fake here, he genuinely is that perfect looking, and seriously rocked that murse.

My 2nd TOMKAT spotting of October. This was the most surreal, freakiest, staged Starbucks run I’ve ever seen.

Then some band I became kind of familiar with performed at the Paradise at the end of October…

… and then The White Tie Affair ATTEMPTED to perform the next morning on Boston’s FOX morning show.

Christopher Wallace, from TWTA has the same name as Biggie.

Bay State started again, and had a photo shoot, and is the nation’s longest running and award winning soap opera and IS AWESOME.

Feast fest at Market, the new JGV Restaurant in Boston, beneath the new W Hotel.

celebrating after a free cab ride for being charming

and we end up at the wrong final club but enjoy ourselves in Cambridge nonetheless, for we got there FO FREE

Thanks to Spectrum, I got to meet and verbally abuse Bravo’s VP of Production and Programming, and BU Alum (COM ’90) ANDY COHEN @BRAVOANDY!!!!

legend. hero. GOD.

Admissions love!

Fall 121 Friday Staff

Fraternity formal season> zbt on a whim with a stranger, and pike because PIKE FORMAL IS ALWAYS A FUN TIME.

Recruitment weekend, back on campus for SPRING SEMESTER

Bethenny comes to BU B&N!

duh we got her to diamond.

Honored with a Kelly Walter (Dean of BU Admissions) lunch at EASTERN STANDARD.

John Mayer concert at TD Banknorth Garden!


my PROUD Twitter sesh: “Don’t Be A Twit, Tweet!

Soulmate Dan

grossly obsessed.

Spring Formal

Yardfest, Wale & Kid Cudi

Marathon Monday happened as well…

another pike formal

the formal was AT FENWAY PARK

Traveling across the river in search of clean drinking water, we accidentally found ourselves at Cambridge’s Mayfair and got Dunkin Donuts. WIN.

My dear love Ashley returned from her semester abroad in London, and I finally get to see the wondrous roof of her Newbury apartment! (while indulging in cafe piatinni tiramisu)

Estate and Commencement and the end of the year!


and that’s all folks.

boo dahb boo dee!

It has been a magical and epic year and I heart all of y’all who hath MADE IT AMAZING!!!!


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