Born Capricorn

Raising my teacup today to…

It’s the beginning of the month, and that means ASTROLOGY ZONE SUSAN MILLER MONTH FORECAST!


Woman is a goddess herself. Every month I read through Susan Miller’s forecasts and then go back to the month before. IT IS CRAZY. Admittedly she is SOMETIMES wrong about specific dates, but give or take 7 days and her forecasts are spot on and eerie.

(interesting note: her daughter was roommates w one of the band members from MY FAVE BAND “The Virgins,” and their song “Radio Christiane” was written for this daughter of Susan Miller. WORLDS COLLIDE)

Valentina & Annie w 2 of the now 3-person Virgins after they played the Paradise in Boston in October 08

I also check Elle’s daily forecasts from the “AstroTwins” which are CRAZY accurate too, and now I’ve just recently discovered the accuracy of the AstroTwins’ own site for forecasts.

The twins and Susan got me believin’ in all kinds of astrology-related happenings and holy Capricornia they are rarely wrong! Read, enjoy, be wary, and HAPPY JUNE!


2 responses to “Born Capricorn

  1. cassidybarrett

    I’m a capricorn (born january 3rd) and I agree, lol ! but sometimes, I’m a bit calculating. so that’s not really good !!! 🙂 BTW, I love your blog, it’s funny and I love JoJo. She’s my favourite singer 🙂 Greetings from Europe !

  2. lahv you & lahv capricorns & lahv your bl0g. ❤

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