I want in on this TEA pahhhtyyy!



The Celtics’ UNFAIR/TRAGIC/GROSS loss to the Lakers tonight pushed me into a dark depression, the kind of which can only be cured by: blogging about summer.

The hottest season begins on June 21st, and besides gettin’ ready to release a new album (!!!!), I am super pumped for a few things.


My favorite show, True Blood, is coming back to our televisions this summer! That means more suspense, more sex, more… Skarsgard…

and I mustn’t forget the two foxy fellas next to him…

Btw… they now have the “True Blood’ official drink for sale. ย http://www.trubeverage.com/ I wanna try. Do you?

June 11-South Africa vs. Mexico kick starts the 2010 FIFA World Cup in S.A.


Soccer is the most beloved sport in the world, which may be reason enough to call it “The Beautiful Game”. Watching a variety of cultures come together bonding over a common “goal ;)” will be surely spectacular. It’s hard to believe four years have passed since the last World Cup! I am FULLY, HIGH-KEY jealous of anyone who will be in S.A. during these monumental festivities. GO USA

White nail polish/ Bright nail polish:

I ย feel icky when I don’t have my nails and toes done, and this summer is the perfect time to have fun with colors and BRIGHT whites.

Nothing else seals the deal on a sexy outfit like a fresh bold mani-pedi.

Y.A.S. (Yoga and Spinning)

Like a lot of people, I am trying to get in tip-top shape for the summmmaaaa. I switch up workouts whenever I can to keep things interesting, (i.e. not fall asleep on the elliptical machine) so I am going to try to include this in my regiment. YAS (Yoga and Spinning) is essentially an hour and a half of torture, broken up into two (somewhat-less-torturous) 45 minute sessions: 1st spinning, then yoga. The intense unforgiving 45 minutes on the stationary bike may or may not leave you BEGGING for someone to give you a mat so you can contort your body into a pretzel, anything to get your mind off the pain from spinning. At least, that was my experience the three times I’ve taken a class there in Venice, CA. Now that I am a bit more fit though, I WILL be testing my prowess yet again. I WILLLLL CONQUER YOU Y.A.S!

Tanning on the beach:

Giving up my membership to the tanning salon will surely cause me some separation anxiety, however, I must save my skin, and be kind to my wallet. Since I will be spending a majority of my summer in SoCal, I’ve decided that it is silly and dumb to bake in a tanning bed. Instead, I’ll wake up a bit earlier, slap on some s.p.f. and head to the beach to walk, clear my head, write, relax, and soak up the sun; naturally. What a novel idea. If you have access, I encourage you to do the same. I think it’ll do us all good;mind, body, and soul ๐Ÿ™‚





10 responses to “I want in on this TEA pahhhtyyy!

  1. topherharris

    oops forgot to include the link! http://topherlewis.wordpress.com/

  2. topherharris

    I love your blog!!! JoJo is making an awesome contribution to it as well! Love you both! Check mine out when you get a chance!!!

  3. losethatweight

    Also, I forgot to add, I will be celebrating my birthday June 21st. Hehe.

  4. losethatweight

    So, this summer I’m going to be in SoCal (California girls, we’re unforgettable….*sings to Katy Perry) visiting my mom, family and friends & of course rooting for the Lakers! Sorry Jo, haha. Im going to the beach to run (I won’t run into you, don’t worry. It’d be cool, but I don’t know about the meeting singers thing, but if I ever do I’ll be sure to wave, maybe ask for a picture…that’s only because I’ve grew up on JoJo, and The High Road, and soon AIWIE) because it’s a much harder work out, and cooking more so that I can watch what I eat – mostly vegetables and fruits… although I just devoured some tasty fro yo! BOO!!! I don’t do tanning salons – SKIN CANCER! I’m not much of a manicure person, I enjoy pedis more, and it IS all about the bright colors – mainly peachy oranges and hot pinks for me. It’s breaking my wallet!

    But before I can do any of that, Im doing summer school right now & working.

    School.Work.Gym. then fun…

    Current Weight: 112
    Target Weight:108, but I just wanna look more toned, that’s really all

    We all can loose weight and be HEALTHY, most importantly, together! Let’s kick some asss…

    THANKS. Sorry for this long write up.

    PS. It would help if you blogged about the exercises you do more often, really helps to motivate me… (:

  5. She said she wants some marvin gaye some luther vandross a little anitaaaaa would definately set this party off right!

    Well well well wellllllll.

    Like eminem imma be taken a stand! Enjoying life by contributing as much as I can towards accomplishing as much as I can!

    Imma live my life like the trumpets & saxaphones combined, get on my vibe & you’ll be jazzing your way towards relaxation. Everyday will be paradise & a journey combined!

    But what good is an empty club? So imma be sharing my joy.

    Indulging in the creative joys & basking in the art of creativity. Focusing on what i’m capable of achieving.

    When you spend your whole life wanting something…& you finally realize how to make your own oppurtunities in life…I think that’s when it hits you, the sudden realization that not only are the next moments of your life up to you…but you’re also responsible for the outcome. So if i’m responsible for what happens next….then i’m just gonna live the life that i’ve already imagined.

    I envisioned a life filled with love joy & happiness & the ability to do artistically as I please…which basically means going on movie sets & directing, directing video games, acting sessions… music sessions etc.

    I’ve always had the most joy in my life through bonding with people over the things that I love. Even just talking about a movie that has yet to be made…or someones artistic project & how we can improve it always brings me joy.

    I want people to understand that we’re capable of anything we put our minds to…& that’s not just some stupid silly *only in certain circumstances* type of a statement. It’s true & it always holds true. This world is not as simple as we try to make it, it’s very complex but the results are simple. Given we have a goal & we want to achieve it…we will! Doesn’t matter how hard it is, eventually given we keep on trying we will persevere.

    So that’s what i’ll be doing over the summer (in short…writing a movie & getting more software on the market as well as spending time with friends & family & thinking about what to do next with my life oh & also playing pleanty of basketball).

    WHAT FLIPS MY SWITCH: the ultimate understanding that we’re capable of doing anything we put our minds to. There are no limitations, only thoughts of preventation.

    When I see the results of actually putting that theory into practice…that’s what flips my switch. Achieving the impossible. But I guess we all have that in us…just take sports…even soccer…what happens when they score? Everyone goes nuts! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because literally achieving the impossible reminds us we might be human but if we try as hard as we possibly can we shall always percevere!

    With that imma give a shoutout to Eminems new track! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s


    cuz basically life is for the fearless! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    neways just thought i’d share, hope everyone has an amazing summer! Also fengshuiyourmind.com <– Just saying check it out…you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  6. Juan Miguel

    Well, definitely there are various things heating up my summer (or tropical winter?): 1. The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 2. The 3rd. season of “True Blood”. 3. The upcoming movie releases of “Eclipse” and “Harry Potter 7”. And of course… the release of your 3rd. album “All I Want Is Everything”. Kudos from Guatemala, freckles! J.M. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. you should do this more often jojo:)
    wish you luck and blessings with eveything !

  8. looking gud JoJo really cant wait for ur album I’m ur NO. 1 fan all over the world love ya so much…glad to hear that u r gonna watch the world cup…I hope USA beat Algeria…as u beat us(EGYPT)god bless u supa star

  9. Wowwwwww.. you definitely have to look better than britney in her prime. You’re PROACTIVE!! God bless you. ๐Ÿ™‚ xxoo

  10. Haha, it would make sense for Miss. Levesque to write a column of her own. I anticipate you will be rather busy soon, with the album release and so on, though? Nice post though, kept me entertained! And def’ can’t wait for True Blood ๐Ÿ˜€

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