SUMMER in my favorite concrete jungle

I’ll be interning ALL OVER New York this summer, and am WILDLY excited for all of the opportunities and experiences to come- check back for exciting posts soon.

Bubby: A Jewish Gma. MYYYY Bubby: Had a Blackberry before I did...

Inspired by the beautiful post before this, I thought I’d compile a list of rando shiz I’m personally AMPED for this summer!

Though I don’t really DO sports, Lakers-Celts: THAT I CAN GET INTO. Excited to see how it plays out, especially since I am so conflicted as to which team I want to take home the victory.

my conflicting interests...

AND OBVIOUSLY, I am beyond amped about the release of JoJo the FABULOUS’s new album, spending time and make believe money w the other BU interns throughout Manhattan, weekends in the sun, poolside reading and eating, and fresh fruit. HAPPY SUN SUNNY SUMMERTIME EVERYONE! B)


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