You’re Welcome

Raising Teacups to the guts that these mommas have. Enjoy at your own discretion…?



This website is so horrific and yet so wonderous.

Your mom can’t wait to take you dancing. submitted by iamnotablogger.

your mom’s mouth has been stuck like that since an unfortunate accident with a rocket pop in ‘87. it makes her very popular at concerts.  that guy to her right is slappin da bass in anticipation. Submitted by Natasha.IS THAT YOU MAAA?

This is only but scratching the surface. Explore if you DARE.


3 responses to “You’re Welcome

  1. I honestly cannot deal.

  2. Juan Miguel

    Ha Ha Haaa! That was unbelievably funny, Jo! Those moms are very daring. Thanks for the laughing moment. See you around then. Take care. Greetings from Guatemala. (P.S.: I love your freckles) 😀

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