#iwny #thepromise

Monday marked the final day of INTERNET WEEK NEW YORK 2010

A wonderful week dedicated to all of those Apple-affectionate souls who freak without wifi, and tweet phrases before they think ‘em. Naturally, I belong to the latter.

Through the MAGIC OF INTERNSHIP SERENDIPITOUS FORTUNE, I was able to help THINKSOCIAL with check-in at Thursday, June 10th’s event (the #promise).

Live tweeting from IWNY HQ, I had never been in a room where having your phone out was so socially acceptable (pun intended). Social media mavens were everywhere, and I may have found mecca.

The panels were crazy interesting, and major companies had wildly valid insight into how social media can “help the greater good”

One concern addressed in the discussions and panels was the difference between “getting the word out” and “taking action.”

Twitter’s Claire Williams mentioned Twitter’s experimentation with “twitpay” as micro-donation platform for charitable campaigns.

There was a live twitter feed that popped onscreen between presentations or during Q&A’s, and as to be expected, this double-edged sword showed when people were bored and ready for lunch, or pleased with speakers, or disagreed with what was going on.

MTV’s Jason Rzepka, behind the “A THIN LINE” campaign and others, explained that “if you pick the right issue & do it right, it can totally drive business.”

Edward Norton spoke about his new platform “crowdrise” which only just recently launched with the motto “if you don’t give back no one will like you.”

I had a hard time thinking that maybe the first rule of crowdrise was not to talk about crowdrise, but this inevitable joke got old quick…

I then rocked security services, and had time to wander the expo, where I stocked up on free pens and PepsiCo product like it was bar mitzvah season, while also exploring the innovation of Internet Week sponsors.

Definitely check out the #promise site and learn more about it, I’m not doing it justice, but IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE and the exposure to all of those incredible industry insiders was u-n-r-e-a-l.


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