Summer Cardio Workout Playlist

Cups up! Raise yo teacup to the glory of how EPIC Jo’s been looking, and now, finally, SECRETS REVEALED.


Getting your a** up and over to the gym can be the hardest part of a workout. The second hardest part is finding the right music to get you amped and ready for battle.

I like to think of my workouts as preparing for war. Get energized. Get pissed. Hold grudges. Psyche yourself out. Get cocky. Say motivational phrases to yourself over and over again. Look at pictures of people’s bodies you admire. Listen to music that riles you up.

Every couple ‘o’ months I switch up my playlists, but right now- this is what I’m listening to:

Hello, Good Morning (feat. T.I. & Rick Ross)- Diddy

Hella Good- No Doubt

Fergalicious- Fergie

Going Back to Cali- Biggie

Wait a Minute- Pussycat Dolls

Beep- Pussycat Dolls

Rock that Body- Black Eyed Peas

Ride- Ciara (feat. Ludacris)

Go Girl- Ciara (feat. T-Pain)

She Wants to Move- N.E.R.D.

Imma Be- Black Eyed Peas

Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)- Lady Gaga

Money Honey- Lady Gaga

Fame- Lady Gaga

Lapdance- N.E.R.D.

Ego (feat. Kanye West)- Beyoncé

If U Seek Amy- Britney Spears

Good Life- Kanye West (feat. T-Pain)

Stronger- Kanye West

If Rap Gets Jealous- K’Naan

Sex, Love, & Money- Mos Def

I have a short attention span, so I usually end up skipping to the next song before the one I’m listening to is over… but that’s for me to work out with my therapist.  Fergie, Gwen Stefani, The Pussycat Dolls, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Ciara, and Britney Spears all have siiiiiiiick bodies, so listening to them motivates me to look as smokin’ hot as they do.

I like to get a few long, good cardiovascular workouts during the week. It often looks something like this:
10 minutes on the stairmaster (2 minutes single step, 1 minute skip each step, 1 minute right side, 1 minute left side- repeat)
30 minutes intervals on elliptical machine
10 minutes intervals on treadmill
10 minutes on stationary bike.
Switching up machines prevents me from getting bored and promotes muscle confusion.
Lace up your sneaks and prepare to SWEAAATTTT. Love to feel  burn. Relish it. EGG IT ON. Tell the pain, YOU WANT MORE. GET CRAYYYYYZYYYY!!! Pump it up. xxoo

15 responses to “Summer Cardio Workout Playlist

  1. Should I include Karaoke into my birthday party?

  2. What equipment is needed to host karaoke at a bar nowadays?

  3. cooool !! thanx Jo this was so motivating ..
    I love to put shakira’s waka waka when I exercise and its working ,,
    lotsa love ❤

  4. I’ve been working on this too. Keep it up girl, I have some lbs to loose!

  5. (proof it really is the best track ever for working out)

    if you read the first comment on youtube

    “now I want to go for a jog”

    haha Hope this helps! In fact i’m listening to it now & imma go play some basketball.

  6. That’s a nice playlist….but it doesn’t exactly work for me….

    From what i’ve learned about you I know you’re always looking to try new things….so lemme introduce you to another very good playlist that you can work with…

    If you really wanna get amped & pumped for a workout I recommend the following:

    (this is also very debatable but it’s worked for me in the past)

    (and this is not a diss to anyone on what track is the best a lot of songs technically will work…but these are pretty much a must for making you prepared to do battle in a workout)

    Rockey Theme Song<– pretty much
    Mission Impossible<– Pretty much
    (this next one is tricky but…)
    Eminem- Till I collapse!
    50 cent- Patiently Waiting
    RickRoss Everyday I'm hustling!@
    (I like to play this one right before the running part….subbing hustlings defination for the running one.)
    Go Hard!~

    that's it…then pick some 2pac & nas. Basically shuffle in some of the hardest tracks ever made. That'll get you amped!

    Also just to let you know various hiphop tracks that have been made in the past also work…it's very debatable what makes a good playlist you could in fact have around 300 tracks just for working out.

    if you could only play one song over & over & you happened to be able to have 2….

    Eye of the tiger & Rockey Theme Song

    those are the starting points for a good workout playlist….in fact the tracks were made to go with the Rockey working out montage.

    Just a suggestion…i'm sure your playlist gets the job done.

    Hope all is well with you, & thx for sharing.

    P.S. IMO there's only one good morning & it's by Kanye West.

  7. Britney & JoJo
    Divaaaaaaas ♥

  8. this is exactly what i needed. i love to feel the burn tooooo! you the besttt Jo. much love <33

  9. Thanks for the blog jojo.. jeep it up! Do you have a personal trainer, or do you just work out yourself. Becasue switching up the exsercise machines is what I also do and I wasnt sure if It was ok to do that or not. 🙂

  10. Juan Miguel

    I’ve always admired JoJo’s perseverance and discipline. I think it’s the main reason we all admire her. Not to mention her musical taste. Love from Guatemala as always, J.M. *Muack* 🙂

  11. For those that use Spotify, here’s the playlist:

  12. thanks for this blogs jojo!
    you’re awesome!

  13. dancefool1

    This was the best playlist ever lol… I think I’m going to hut up my eliptical today!

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