gayest. thing. ever. HAPPY PRIDE!

I have a good friend who interns with GLAAD, and I was thusly extended the warm welcome to march in the 41st Annual Pride Parade in New York. Hmmm. Strut down Fifth Avenue with faboosh gay men? YES. PLEASE. !!!!

The parade congregated on 38th St, where I first decided to stop in a rando deli to grab a quick iced mocha. WHO DO I HEAR LOUDLY DISCUSSING HOW SHE DOESN’T LIKE TO BE AROUND PEOPLE? I’d recognize the voice anywhere. My Bravo radar is so keen, I knew before turning around that the sexpot in five-inch red patent pumps and the polka dot dress was none other than THE SKINNY GIRL HERSELF, Bravo’s New York housewife? Bethenny Frankel.

We had already become best buds this past February, at a SkinnyGirl signing at BU’s Barnes & Noble, where she reflected on her 2 years at BU before she transferred to NYU to finish school because she, we can assume, just couldn’t handle the fabulosity of Boston.

As the gay man trapped in a straight woman’s body that I am, the day was already shaping up to be a PERFECT PRIDE PARADE day, and Bethenny later rode around in the skinny car being her BEYOND skinny self.

I must say, that being able to parade down Fifth Ave in itself was an indescribable experience. BUT TO BE WITH AMAZING GAY MEN and the energy of gay pride. It wasn’t the ideal place for ME to PERSONALLY find a date, but my GOD is this where to go to find people who share my LAHV of Lady GaGa.

There are TONS of amazing pics on the GLAAD Facebook page!

hilarious shirt on some rando guy.

Constance McMillen

…and after checking in on FOURSQUARE, we were recommended BY BOTH MARC JACOBS AND ANDY COHEN (so obviously it was more of a command than a suggestion), to head to Paris Commune, where we COOLED OFF BECAUSE IT WAS HOT LIKE MEXICO. AND MY DRINK WAS CALLED “THE OSCAR WILDE!” and IT HAD LAVENDER IN IT! and it was YUMMY!

and OBVIOUSLY, Showtime’s new reality tv show The Real L Word, which is like the real housewives, but better cause they’re homosexual and homosexuals are amazing, had a big booth near Pastis and a groovy step and repeat and free tattoos and wristbands. Haha, it was kinda gay. BUT AWESOME. YAY SHOWTIME AND LESBIANISM!!!

I then met up with Seattle native and Bay Stater extraordinaire, Taylor Miller, (aka @TeaMiller), and his awesome NYU friends in Union Square! We frolicked and it was awesome to see a Bay State-er! Yay to the NATION’S LONGEST-RUNNING AND AWARD-WINNING COLLEGE SOAP OPERA.

THEN, I literally ran into Roxy Olin from MTV’s The City, who was walking/ on a run, and Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” was blasting from her headphones. Guess she’s not faking it for the cameras! She was really surprisingly warm and sweet by the way!

AMAZING AND UNREAL CONCLUSION TO PRIDE WEEK, NEW YORK! New York, I love you, and you’re bringing me UP. So take that, LCD Soundsystem!

Happy Pride, everyone!


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