JULY 4th! (a fortnightly belated blog)

I had a very delightfully New York City fourth of July which included, but was not limited to: hot dogs, corn on the cob, an outdoor concert, a beach, sticky subways, and fireworks over the Hudson.

Converse has teamed up with Governor’s Island (WHICH IS WHERE I GOT THE HISTORY CHANNEL HISTORIAN FOURSQUARE BADGE!) to offer free outdoor concerts on Governor’s Island all summer long as part of the “2010 Summer Concert Series.”

On America’s Birthday, Zooey Deschanel’s very folksy, perfect for outdoor concerts, band, She & Him, was performing for hot, drunk, high, and sticky youths who had taken an equally hot, drunk, high, and sticky 5-minute ferry to get to the Isle.

But the set up of the stage and beach was pretty cool, and essentially IDEAL for a fourth of july outdoor concert. Donning elitist press passes, I was honored with access to a press pit, through my ability to mooch off of awesome friends. winkity wink wink.

Zooey was very urban outfitters-esque, as expected. She was delightfully jumpy and bouncy and energetic, her overall essence making it apparent that she was certainly not acting in portraying “Summer” in (500) Days of Summer. (Note: tambourine, oversized shades, and horizontally placed-hippie headband.)

Nonetheless, She & Him was GREAT and their tunes were wildly appropriate for the mood of the day! Click here for video and EPIC EPIC coverage of the concert!

To top it all off, having a grandmother working for the Hudson River Park Trust came in handy to get EXCLUSIVE PASSES for access to Pier 84 to watch the fireworks over the Hudson! No lie, a major perk was GETTING THE 250 SWARM BADGE once checking into the fireworks, but the display was DELIGHTFUL too! While most of Manhattan was crowded on rooftops elsewhere, or watching from the street, we got to sneak past police barriers and watch up-close, where we could see every boat at once! It was incredible, and a quintessential Independence Day.   🙂


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