No, it wasn’t my birthday! Although, interestingly enough, it is my HALF birthday…

Obviously my love and obsession and addiction to social media have led me to become a daily reader of, the social media blog of sexkitten Pete Cashmore. When Mashable declared June 30th as the first annual Social Media Day, with the alpaca mascot (most social farm animal, obvi), I unabashedly signed up to attend the OFFICIAL MASHABLE MEETUP at The Mean Fiddler in New York. A meetup is essentially a meeting-up of tech nerds, those who blog, and massive amounts of city folk who debate over which smart phone best suits an individual’s needs. The only time when the “15 second blackberry delay” in conversation is completely acceptable, if not expected. In other words, A MEETUP IS MY MECCA.

Imagine my delight when the glorious Dan Chiz (VOTE FOR HIM) and I ran into not one, but TWO fellow BU students, holding our own in the NY. WE EVEN MADE IT ONTO THE MASHABLE FLICKR AND FACEBOOK PAGES! Gah!

Immediately after the glory of the Mashable meetup, Dan, myself, and 2 new socially medial friends headed to The Pierre (yes, as in THE Pierre, classic 60s charming hotel, where Don stays when he’s demeaning Betty). The Pierre’s bar/ lounge, Two E, was hosting a Sangria Social, with drawings for a free carafe every half hour, and just proof of a #SangriaSocial tweet led to a free glass! Turns out, one of the hosts of the evening, @tineey ALSO happened to be a BU grad! We were SO there.

We also got to meet the enchanting Sabrina Chapman, PR guru for Jon Valdez, and the beautiful Nora Walsh, who does PR for The Pierre! We each got our free glasses, and then I WON A FREE CARAFE, thanks to my shhhhnaaazzzzzzyyyy business card getting selected by the charming Miss Walsh in the drawing. The Sangria was delicious, by the way, and the atmosphere in Two E was definitive Sixties Swank.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the Sangria Social, for me, was the FABOOSH Jon Valdez selecting moi as THE STAR OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA STYLE VIDEO. Not really, but Jon Valdez is the creator/ writer/ editor of his blog, Orange Juice and Biscuits, and Mashable rated him one of the top 5 best bloggers to follow 2009! I was honored to be in the presence of such greatness.

Donning the Social Media Day sticker I stole off the wall at the Mashable event (pictured above), watch me make an absurd fool of myself around 1 minute and 40 seconds, and check out how social media does style on Orange Juice and Biscuits!


One response to “SOCIAL MEDIA DAY!

  1. hahah always reppin’ the Ponte ❤

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