I Fawn over Shawn

As I continue my never-ending quest for A-listdom, I delight in the occasional celeb-sighting that happens on the streets of this fair isle. Normally, my eye assumes that every individual on the street is someone who has appeared on Law & Order, at the very least. I was walking through Chelsea, and heard a voice that I KNEW could belong to no one else. Lo and behold, I couldn’t help myself. I waited for Wallace Michael Shawn, aka WALLY SHAWN, to finish his street conversation, and requested a pic! I mean, it’s Mr. Hall, for Cher’s sake. I had actually watched him the week before get set up with Carrie’s Vogue editor on Sex and the City only the week before, he’s the dinosaur Rex in Toy Story, AND CYRUS ROSE! Legitimately, the man’s career has graced every wonderful aspect of pop culture in my lifetime. Clueless, SATC, GG, and Toy Story?! Worship much?

This is not to discredit the fact that he IS a legitimate actor who practices the craft, and I don’t want to demean his glory to John Patrick Amedori status, but fact of the matter is, the show’s Cyrus Rose was CRAZY far from the book’s original concept, and touche to Wally for making it work, and for being in the scene above, WHICH is epic and amazing and happened before they went to NYU and ruined the greatest show of our time.


One response to “I Fawn over Shawn

  1. Yessss best part of The Princess Bride–I love him!

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