Stumbling Upon the Jersey Shore

Heading uptown after one of our adorable boy/girlfauxriend dates, Greg and I saw some NYPD, a tent or two, and a decently-sized hullabaloo. We decided we may as well cross the street to check it out, and I expected to find maybe a release party with your average c-list “big in New York” crowd. Then I saw a faint mist in the air… ’twas hairspray. Then I realized that the flickering lights were not just camera flashes, but the glimmering of rhinestone-encrusted ribbed tank tops and trucker hats. It was undeniable. The eastern shore of the Hudson had been transformed into JERSEY SHORE TERRITORY.

Apparently we had stumbled on The Jersey Shore Soundtrack Release Party. Golly were we at THE PLACE TO BE. Ignoring the fact that every aspect of this moment was embodying the downfall of society and all that trite, tired nonsense, WE WITNESSED SNOOKI DEBUTING HER NEW RED-ACCENTED HAIR! (aka FIREBALL!) SHE WAS BUMP-LESS!

The cast seemed to be happily answering questions, and generally very warm and amicable. I have always defended the show. Though it can be labeled “stereotyping trash,” fact of the matter is, you can tell that they are all genuine, that they KNOW that they’re acting RIDICULOUS, and they have legitimate values. The cast cherishes family, and they sit down for wholesomely extravagant meals every night, which is more than most American families can say for themselves today.

Cheers, Jersey Shore, cheers!

One day I will certainly tell my grandchildren about the time GrandMaMa wished she was dressed appropriately enough to pretend she was with some really important blog to crash the party that APPARENTLY Danielle Crazy Staub was also attending. In retrospect I don’t think I could have handled that much Jersey in one room. Still, it was very surreal (seeing them, and also the fact that they drew a decent crowd of paps), and it was another very cool happenstance moment!


2 responses to “Stumbling Upon the Jersey Shore

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  2. Hey, remember that time Snooki tweeted her bbm pin?

    I do…. dumb ho.

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