Rawther Enchanting

Eloise has always been my favorite New Yorker.

Eloise is quintessential New York epic, running around The Plaza and participating in general awesomeness all the livelong day.

I got the original children’s book as a gift when I was leeeedle, and have idolized her ever since. The reasons why are pretty self-explanatory. The girl has a Nanny, orders room service, and attends custom fittings with Christian Dior.

Strolling through the newly renovated Plaza to grab some quick air conditioning exposure, I had some time and thought I should finally check out the Eloise shop I’d heard about. As it turns out, this shop is JUST LIKE that time when the first American Girl Place opened in Chicago in 1998, and didn’t come to New York until 2003 when my Samantha doll and Bitty Baby were already in a box beneath my bed. THIS MAGICAL SHOP IS ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS TOO LATE.

Where was this glory when I needed someplace for the greatest seventh birthday party of all time?! I was quivering. It was a bit too pink for my personal preference, but they did such a wonderful job of bringing to life the world of Eloise!

All the paraphernalia was too much to take, and I will most certainly have my next birthday party here, and I suggest you do too. We owe it to our seven-year-old selves.


2 responses to “Rawther Enchanting

  1. Loved this- especially your wit and memories

  2. Val, I love the post, loved Eloise also, and finally went to the American Girl store and fell in love. Where were all of these awesome things when we were little! Makes me so nostalgic!

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