An Unruly Attraction to Sir Ellis

Today I raise my teacup to the library that finally got my book request in! Above is one of my favorite scenes from SIR BRET EASTON ELLIS Less Than Zero.

My summer’s subway commute has really allowed me to become QUITE literary. Before I read Imperial Bedrooms, I must finish The Rules of Attraction, which FINALLY came in from the library, so cheers to you library! I chose not to throw down for The Strand‘s $75 original, signed copy. I’ve been distracted this summer by other Ellis-related reads (McInerney, Hemingway, Didion‘s on the list too!), so now that I’ve begun, a reflection on some of my favorite moments from the great SIR ELLIS is due. It should be noted, however, that in order to convey EVERY ONE of his best sentences, I may as well type out the entirety of American Psycho, and that these are just a random collection of some of the funnier/ more intriguing statements, and half of the best ones are probably illegal to post via wordpress….


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