New Twitter started rolling out on 9/14. (Hence the alarm clock, 9:14… very clever.) I got it on 9/15, honored to have it bestowed upon me so soon and to be welcomed so early into the most elite and glorious of all socially medial clubs. I fell instantly more in love with the beauty of #newtwitter.

The beautiful homepages, the sleek lines and fade outs, the @___ that immediately pops up all the potential followings you could intend to tweet, the movable new tweet box, the pictures that link into the right side- #newtwitter is the #worldsgreatesttwitter!

My only main complaint: I like the OLD RT! I don’t always wish to RT exactly as the original tweep tweeted. Sometimes, and most often, a RT is to add personal commentary. The current and recent RT functions force a user to copy and paste if he or she would like to add his or her own insights. #thingsthatshouldberemedied

Nonetheless, #newtwitter I love you more than the old twitter, and this is a feat many thought not possible. Two wings way up for the new twitter!



3 responses to “#newtwitter

  1. I love how your music is real. I cried to your latest song. It made me realize that the truth is that is how I act with the boys I am with.

  2. Random Gay Boy

    I really wanna be your friend in real life. You’re amazing.

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