Naveen in the Bean!

It is no secret that I am a BIT of a foursquaddict. I have an unhealthy obsession with using foursquare, and have since I first became a foursqerson. I’ve had the honor of meeting Dens himself, one of the greatest co-founders of anything of all time, and though many label me an extremist (read: stalker), this is only because my respect and adoration runs deeper than Pee Wee’s love for fruit salad. (hehe. see what i did there? a little foursquare-PeeWee integrational humor there for all you fellow foursquare fans.)

@dens & @ValentinaMonte. ignore blurry orange ShoelessSeth #ugh

Yesterday, I was laboriously hostessing at Scoozi,  tweeting away about @ScooziBoston, when I noticed a tweet from foursquare co-founder I had yet to meet, @Naveen, which I NATURALLY emphatically responded to immediately.

the glistening booth glowed up at me from my phone, and immediately I regretted not properly stalking adequately, for if I had been, I would’ve seen that Naveen HAD checked into the Hyatt Regency Cambridge mere HOURS before. How could I have slipped up on my obsession so?


And then. something AMAZING HAPPENED. and this was the moment that I now refer to as “when Valentina peaked.” for no greater twitter experience has happened in recent days. and i was in social media-induced HEAVEN #perusual

No stranger to Naveenium, i knew JUST how to contact the innovative genius that is Naveen Selvadurai, and began composing this absurdity:

This is Valentina Monte, official Boston University foursquare ambassador, and unofficial biggest foursquare fan. (Note: fan. NOT stalker of the founding geniusi, as many attempt to label me). I’d BE HONORED to meet up. Let me know what time/ place is convenient for you this evening? Your tweet alone just made my night/year. Thank you!!


*healthy, reasonable obsession

and yes. yes it IS sad that this email was me toning-it-down, and that this final draft is really rather composed and pretty contained in comparison to my original message of “#HOLYHASHTAG YES WHERE ARE YOU!? I WILL FLY THERE! CHECK IN QUICKLY SO I MAY IMMEDIATELY BE NEAR YOUR GAP-MODELING SELF!!” But i’m not insane, CLEARLY.

So Naveen, presumably assuming that I am an adult, Boston University employee, responds to my email with an invitation for a meet up at Green Street in Cambridge, AND HOMEBOY GAVE ME HIS DIGITS. THAT’S RIGHT. THE CO-FOUNDER OF FOURSQUARE EMAILED ME HIS NUMBER TO CONTACT HIM. (now is probably when Naveen contacts authorities to notify me of a restraining order… #woops #sorryimnotsorry)

Naturally, I drag fellow Boston tweep & social media enthusiast @RSprung along with me so I’ll have some one there to tone down my crazy, and we both hop the Red Line to Central Square. Though I am having serious regrets about not anticipating this meeting and won’t be able to don my foursquare shwag (tee, pins, tattoos), fortunately the sticker is eternally stuck to my phone case. PHEW.

As I am in the middle of all my fantasies coming to life, we are honored to be introduced to the brilliantly wonderful Susan Loh & Neil Sanchala, and also be part of the following tweet:

and NO, “online” is not a euphemism for psychotic stalkers, thank you.

Green Street is actually a really cool spot, and it was Naveen’s birthday a few days ago– so yea, I technically crashed a techy’s bday bonanza. #WIN

I was able to get in my suggestion for alphabetized friend listings, and essentially practice the art of containing indescribable gleeful delight. Many, many thanks to the wonderfully welcoming and phenomenal foursquarers, Naveen, and their ability to pardon my insanity. What a perfect perfect Monday night! 🙂 AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAVEEN. (or me. cause GOD it felt like it must have been my own birthday) #heavenlymondaynight #holyhashtag



One response to “Naveen in the Bean!

  1. So happy for you! #NAVEENINTHEBEAN FTW!!1

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