Yeah You Got My Back Against the Wall

I was asked a few weeks ago to participate in a fundraiser for BU’s Dance Marathon, which is arguably the most advertised and hyped fundraiser event at Boston University. Yes, I do wish someone would explain to me why there are fundraisers for fundraisers, but when asked to do something for charity that seemed relatively non-committal, I chose not to ask questions and roll with it. After all, it’s for the children.

To fight pediatric AIDS, I, along with four other “volunteers” (read: BU campus folk who were sent an email & told to participate in an event for a good cause) met in BU central and were taped to a brick wall for 45 minutes, hoping that our reach about campus would be vast enough to draw students with $1 and a desire to purchase pieces of tape to suspend us.

With the handy help of tweets & aggressive commentary at innocent passerby, I was able to have many lovely supporters come out and support me (literally) and support Dance Marathon! Naturally, I insisted on having my tweeting hands free of suspension, and focused mainly on a pageantry sash/ seat-belt-like harnessing strategy.

BU icons at work!

At 5:45, “the footholds from below contestants were slowly removed” and I was not given a spotter, which was less than alright, considering I was among the first to flop shamefully to the floor. Congrats to kmac of women’s basketball who raised significantly more tape than the rest of us, and stayed on the wall for an unreal amount of time, proving that she is THE most popular.


Jason Kaplan, of Dear Abbeys: $21.50

Krystyn kmac McIntyre, of Women’s Basketball: $81 (which explained her excessive suspension time & victory)

Eddie Chen, of CSC: $31.50

Myself, of ADPi: $37

Bijan, of Pi Kappa Alpha: $22

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out and donated!! Grand time and such a delight.

Now donate to Dance Marathon and participate on April 2nd!!


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