iLove Padrick the iPad

I’d always resolved that I had “no reason” to “get the iPad.” Like so many others, I couldn’t justify the cost for what the device truly was, and intended to be patient for the next drastically changed iPhone or wait until MACkenzie (my laptop) finally sank into retirement. Lucky me, for in September I was GIVEN one as part of my on-campus work with HBO.

I named my beautiful new device Padrick, and he has grown to be one of my dearest companions. To be fair, he is not so much my iPad as he is my HBO GO player that has significant space for other apps, but he is THE BEST. (Mostly because HBO GO is the best.)

My back is happy now that I don’t lug my computer to class everyday, and as a fossilic BlackBerrian myself, the apps alone have revolutionized my life. I KNEW the internet could be this fast. The Twitter app makes managing multiple accounts breezier than anything else, and having 3G officially makes me connectable #EVERYWHERE. And I like it.

I now cannot remember life before Padrick, and I don’t want to.


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