Keith Partridge– err, David Cassidy.

Last weekend I was invited to/ invited myself to the David Cassidy concert in Boston. I was the only person under 30 at the New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO, but naturally proved my worth and knew more lyrics than half the crowd.

I am in love with David Cassidy. And I am not 56 years old. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY.

When I was in the fourth grade, FOX Family (as it was before it became ABC Family) used to run episodes of The Partridge Family at 6pm. My mother, a tween during prime Keith Partridge David Cassidy TigerBeat days, encouraged my Partridge Family viewing, and I oogled at Laurie’s long locks, and Keith’s… long locks. But I mean, c’mon, look at the way he casually leans on that tree. That lucky tree. Those lucky low-waisted hip-huggin’ bell bottoms.

Scandalous Annie Leibovitz 1972 Rolling Stone Cover

Keith Partridge/ David Cassidy (as they’re OBVS one in the same, as I’m sure he adores) is #ICONIC. period. The Partridge Family show itself was amazing and had everything anyone could ask for in a program. (Though we really could do without that irritating buzz-kill Ruben.) The songs were the best, and along with their lyrical profundity (“This is you–this pillow that I’m huggin’ and I’m kissin'”), they are DAMN CATCHY and I know there were significant months in middle school where the only CDs in my Walkman were The Partridge Family Greatest Hits and Shakira’s Laundry Service (another classic).

“I Woke Up In Love This Morning,” one of my favorite pieces from the Partridge Collection.

David Cassidy was THE ORIGINAL HEARTTHROB. No one of my generation seems to understand this. David Cassidy invented the Justin Bieber JoBro obsessions. David Cassidy DEFINES tween dream.

After years of bonding with my mother over mutually inappropriate affections for this aggressively elder gentleman, one can only imagine the mental orgasm that occurred when I came back to campus my sophomore year of college to discover that “that Dave Cassidy guy’s kid goes to BU now.” *EXTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL FB CREEPING ENSUED* Comically, two dear friends of mine happened to know this infamous “Beau Cassidy” personally, and I sought to know him personally as well.

Three years later, Beau’s band The Fates is #killinit in Boston, and I consider him a dear companion after spending likely too much time explaining my father-fandom and listening to how much genuine talent he has, separate from (and truthfully, far superior than) his Dad’s.

Seeing David Cassidy live was for my fourth grade self, for my mother’s fourth grade self, and for me now, really, because David Cassidy is a charmer that does not and can not fade with time, and he is 61 years old and rocking it on stage and  The Apprentice is for losers, really. SO TAKE THAT, #haterz. #TeamKeith

The Celebrity Apprentice: David Cassidy’s Exit Interview


One response to “Keith Partridge– err, David Cassidy.

  1. Hi there, I am also a girl of our generation (born ’91) who is still in love with David Cassidy. Although I found The Partridge Family through VH1 when they were showing a Partridge Family documentary which I assume was leading to the introduction of “in Search Of The Partridge Family” back in 2004. I don’t know how I missed Fox Family playing episodes, at least they played reruns on TV at one point cause they sure as hell don’t now. I was struggling for a year before they finally released the first season on DVD when I was like 14. Also, my parents were older teens when TPF came out so they saw and still see it as a teeny bopper show, they couldn’t understand my obsession. Anyway! Enough about how I got into him.. I’m glad to see other young people still admire him and his talent. There’s something about him, that voice, that personality, and those looks as a youngin’ that no one comes particularly close to. It’s so awesome that you’re friends with his son Beau. My mom told me that him and I used to go to Gymboree together as babies. What odd fate… Who knew several years later I’d be obsessed with his dad. I know this post is years old, but I just ran into it doing a Google search on him. Hope you’re still, a fan of his.

    – Leigh.

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