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In high school I joined indoor track and race-walked so I could have athletics on my college resume and appear well rounded. Sports? Not my thing. Hashtags? Something I can get on board with.

Mississippi State painted a #hailstate hashtag in their end zone for a big game and HOLY HASHTAG this is brilliant. The idea is so obvious and it had never been done before! I don’t really follow baseball (that was a joke that some people may not know that I know was a joke, and end zones are for soccer football, obviously, and I knew all that before coming across this story).

This is an AMAZING way for fans at the game and at home to follow along and promote the hashtag and the game.  It’s the first time I have ever felt left out coming from a football-less school.  We can be sure to see this start happening in professional sports and all over the place. With foursquare event check ins as well, the social experience at sporting events (and all events) is sure to expand in the coming months exponentially. I raise my teacup to you, Mississippi State Bulldogs. Brava. #HAILSTATE


HBO gets GetGlue


That was my disclaimer. (I love HBO. I love GetGlue. I interned at HBO. This is a biased post.)

I was honored to intern this past summer in the Digital Marketing & Social Media department of HBO in New York. As a social uberfan, getting to see how the network leveraged social media and their networks to engage audiences and fuel conversations (two of the most over-used phrases #ever, but nothing else accurately describes the outcome of a great social strategy…) was remarkable.

In particular, HBO’s work with GetGlue was very cool. GetGlue is the social network that works like “foursquare for entertainment” and users can check in to the show they’re watching, for example, and share their viewing experience with their friends while gaining “stickers” and other virtual rewards.

HBO, however, took the platform further to offer more to fans of HBO shows. In anticipation for the newest season of True Blood, HBO worked with GetGlue to make stickers that would allow users to obtain the virtual reward of the sticker (bragging rights), and then every few winners would randomly win a special sticker that would win them a bottle of real-world Tru Blood. A simple promotion, that goes above and beyond the expected, and solidifies the fans’ relationship with the show, rewarding them in all sorts of ways! Their victory is shareable, and continues the fandom. What a brilliant use of the platform at a time when many brands are in the process of navigating the emerging social space. Check out what GetGlue’s blog had to say about the stickers here.

Smart smartwater

I love smartwater more than Jenn. I always love having a water bottle on me, and the size of the larger smartwater bottles are just big enough without being monstrous, and they’re just small enough that I can tote them around and feel like a cool post-gym celeb.

Best of all, smartwater bottles allow for the SMARTWATER GAME!!

Did you know that all the bottles of smartwater have a little animal on the inside of the packaging? As an advertising major, things like this excite me far more than they should. The bottles are so sleek and sexy and minimalist and then OOP! SURPRISE CUTE WIDDLE BITTY GOLDFISHY ON THE INSIDE! It’s the MOST delightful treat.

But the animals don’t stop at the goldfish. There’s environmentally conscious whimsical messaging with each animal, from an otter, to a duck, or a frog or crab! When buying a new bottle, I never peek and the game is to try to guess the animal you may get, and hope for a good one. The goldfish used to be the most aggressively ubiquitous and you’d ALWAYS get the goldfish, so you’d hope for the more elusive duck or crab. My latest snag was the otter, who reminds us that we should always drink responsibly and recycle, “you know you otter!”

The sheer delight in my day that is the smartwater bottles are a small treat that make purchasing the water well worth it. Oh, yeah, and I guess the actual water tastes great too. #likethatmatters.

The Boston Globe

I got a call a few weeks back from Beth Teitell, a Boston Globe journalist, who was writing an article about Twitter followers and Klout scores. My name was passed along by Marlo at marlo marketing communications, where I had interned this past fall and successfully positioned myself as that freaky intern who is irrationally obsessed with Twitter.

I spoke with Beth for hours and a bit of our conversation made it into the FRONT PAGE ARTICLE! 🙂 check it out here!

Disclaimers: I barely go on dates period, let alone do I actually real life care about how many followers a person has, please. Also, I don’t know how much as of right now I can stand behind the validity of Klout. They’ve always been very unclear about how scores are calculated and often some user scores seem higher or lower than is logical… #JUSTSAYIN


New Twitter started rolling out on 9/14. (Hence the alarm clock, 9:14… very clever.) I got it on 9/15, honored to have it bestowed upon me so soon and to be welcomed so early into the most elite and glorious of all socially medial clubs. I fell instantly more in love with the beauty of #newtwitter.

The beautiful homepages, the sleek lines and fade outs, the @___ that immediately pops up all the potential followings you could intend to tweet, the movable new tweet box, the pictures that link into the right side- #newtwitter is the #worldsgreatesttwitter!

My only main complaint: I like the OLD RT! I don’t always wish to RT exactly as the original tweep tweeted. Sometimes, and most often, a RT is to add personal commentary. The current and recent RT functions force a user to copy and paste if he or she would like to add his or her own insights. #thingsthatshouldberemedied

Nonetheless, #newtwitter I love you more than the old twitter, and this is a feat many thought not possible. Two wings way up for the new twitter!


This Tea Party’s Gone Mad

I know, I know: the whole “going MAD,” “mad” world, “mad about Mad Men!” concept has been incredibly overdone, especially lately, but I couldn’t help but draw the Mad Hatter/ Mad Men comparison. As a student majoring in advertising, Mad Men is to the department as Samantha Jones was to PR, or Elle Woods to law schools. Everyone suddenly finds the field sexy and wonderful now that Don Draper lights up a Lucky Strike and makes it so. (and MY GOD does he make it so.) Mad Men has become uncomfortably integrated into my studies, and I know my peers can say much the same. My personal Intro to Advertising notes are riddled with references to the show. Surely I passed the class because rather than “account management” I wrote “Pete Campbell,” and where “art director” would be, my notes instead say “Salvatore Romano,” while the entire “copywriter” portion of the course is entitled “Peggy Olson.” I’m not completely naive, and obviously don’t expect that all agencies in this day and age down Maker’s Mark between meetings. Still, I’ve seen the offices at Y&R, and though there is no “secretarial pool,” there were certainly the ping-pong tables and Rock Band setups to prove that advertising is at least crazy fun, if it isn’t oozing sex.

After a grueling eight months, with only New York Magazine coverage to ease the longing for Roger Sterling’s silver locks, Mad Men is FINALLY BACK this Sunday! AMC is pulling out all the stops, including an updated MadMenYourself, Monday night “Best of” Marathons, the genius Banana Republic Casting Call Contest, and a Times Square Premiere Party that would delight the pants off any secretary. The PR and planning leading up to this season has been so brilliantly crafted, you’d thing only Don Draper himself could concoct this stuff. To honor Mad Men’s return to television, and America’s return to time-traveling, disbelief-suspending bliss (CAUSE I’M SORRY- NO WIFE WOULD EVER LEAVE A HUSBAND AT THIS TIME. I JUST DON”T BUY IT. ESPECIALLY NOT GUTLESS AND MINDLESS BETTY DRAPER, I DON’T CARE HOW CHARMING THIS HENRY FRANCIS MAY BE…), enjoy some of my favorite bits, spoofs, and aspects of arguably the smartest show on television that can appeal to a college student!


God– I mean Don Draper

Cooking & Laundry for Dummies Women

Mad Men in 60 Seconds

Betty Draper, Mother of the Year

Vanity Fair Explains Mad Men


Great Scene

Epitome of Why Don is An Epic Ad Man Scene: The Kodak Carousel

Another great Don pitch: Lipstick

and Roger.

Flipsides Crackers: Exposed

Backstory: I was in a CVS and I saw a new product on the shelves that caught my eye in the dry foods aisle. The “NEW!” on the box is likely what drew my attention. What was this? I was certainly familiar with Townhouse crackers, Keebler’s response to competitor Nabisco’s Ritz cracker. So what was this pretzel component? ALAS. Ernest J. Keebler, the head Keebler elf and the FACE of the Keebler treehouse, had solved the common snacker’s dilemma: Pretzels? Or crackers? Fret no more, for Keebler Townhouse Flipsides are here to offer you BOTH IN ONE, SCRUMPTIOUS BITE. Brilliant! Or so I had thought, when half way through the box, I realized a critical flaw in Ernie’s cracker-baking method.

Think of the classic cracker. It is obvious that the elves have baked the crackers on a pan in a massive oven of sorts, and that there is one side of the cracker that was baked touching the pan, and another was facing up. One side is more bulbous, has squar-er pieces of salt, and the other was clearly on the pan. Sometimes this pan-touching side may have darker streaks where it must have touched the oven, and so forth. There is undoubtedly an upwards-facing side, and a pan-touching side to every cracker, and also every pretzel.

Baking the Flipsides is presumably no different, and there is one side to the cracker that faces up, and another that faces down. IF ERNIE THE ELF and his fellow Keebler elf friends have developed the baking technology to combine pretzel with cracker, how have they yet to develop a way to make an equally distributed pretzel-top, pretzel-bottom Flipside cracker?!?! In my frustrations and philosophical questionings, I decided to contact Keebler with my personal inquiry.

I assume Ernie himself was too preoccupied in his treehouse, so he had one of his minions respond two days later…

So there you have it. They seem to have no intention of giving the classic cracker its fair share of top sidedness, and Keebler is going to perpetuate the bigotry of crackerist inequality. Nonetheless, the crackers are CRAZY delicious and I really recommend them as a snacking alternative to the ever-popular and nauseating Cheez-It. End. Rant.