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Social F**king Media

No surprise that I have a thing for this MAJOR NEW TERRITORY AND PHENOM that has become such a tired conversation: social media. Naturally, when I came across this presentation (via a dear tweep, actually) I was so deeply inspired, moved, and admittedly FREAKING OUT AT THE EPIC GLORY OF THIS DECK, I had to share. It is relatively long, but they really are the most worth it 104 slides you’ll ever flip through. Next to all of these, of course. The minds behind it and their whole philosophy are SO COOL. Major props. You are all invited over for tea parties ANYTIME you’d like.


CBS Broadcast Center

Through one of my internships this summer, I got to tour the CBS Broadcast Center in New York. Unfortunately, all of the soap operas have been moved to the West Coast, but they USED to be filmed right where I was walking! We got an all-access tour, including a visit to control rooms new and old, and we watched men build the set of Nate Berkus’s new show.

I liked seeing the Inside Edition set, being the celeb-lover I am.

The coolest was seeing Katie Couric’s desk and all of the little news minions running about behind the stage, searching for facts! The whole experience made me feel very Mary Tyler Moore.

gayest. thing. ever. HAPPY PRIDE!

I have a good friend who interns with GLAAD, and I was thusly extended the warm welcome to march in the 41st Annual Pride Parade in New York. Hmmm. Strut down Fifth Avenue with faboosh gay men? YES. PLEASE. !!!!

The parade congregated on 38th St, where I first decided to stop in a rando deli to grab a quick iced mocha. WHO DO I HEAR LOUDLY DISCUSSING HOW SHE DOESN’T LIKE TO BE AROUND PEOPLE? I’d recognize the voice anywhere. My Bravo radar is so keen, I knew before turning around that the sexpot in five-inch red patent pumps and the polka dot dress was none other than THE SKINNY GIRL HERSELF, Bravo’s New York housewife? Bethenny Frankel.

We had already become best buds this past February, at a SkinnyGirl signing at BU’s Barnes & Noble, where she reflected on her 2 years at BU before she transferred to NYU to finish school because she, we can assume, just couldn’t handle the fabulosity of Boston.

As the gay man trapped in a straight woman’s body that I am, the day was already shaping up to be a PERFECT PRIDE PARADE day, and Bethenny later rode around in the skinny car being her BEYOND skinny self.

I must say, that being able to parade down Fifth Ave in itself was an indescribable experience. BUT TO BE WITH AMAZING GAY MEN and the energy of gay pride. It wasn’t the ideal place for ME to PERSONALLY find a date, but my GOD is this where to go to find people who share my LAHV of Lady GaGa.

There are TONS of amazing pics on the GLAAD Facebook page!

hilarious shirt on some rando guy.

Constance McMillen

…and after checking in on FOURSQUARE, we were recommended BY BOTH MARC JACOBS AND ANDY COHEN (so obviously it was more of a command than a suggestion), to head to Paris Commune, where we COOLED OFF BECAUSE IT WAS HOT LIKE MEXICO. AND MY DRINK WAS CALLED “THE OSCAR WILDE!” and IT HAD LAVENDER IN IT! and it was YUMMY!

and OBVIOUSLY, Showtime’s new reality tv show The Real L Word, which is like the real housewives, but better cause they’re homosexual and homosexuals are amazing, had a big booth near Pastis and a groovy step and repeat and free tattoos and wristbands. Haha, it was kinda gay. BUT AWESOME. YAY SHOWTIME AND LESBIANISM!!!

I then met up with Seattle native and Bay Stater extraordinaire, Taylor Miller, (aka @TeaMiller), and his awesome NYU friends in Union Square! We frolicked and it was awesome to see a Bay State-er! Yay to the NATION’S LONGEST-RUNNING AND AWARD-WINNING COLLEGE SOAP OPERA.

THEN, I literally ran into Roxy Olin from MTV’s The City, who was walking/ on a run, and Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” was blasting from her headphones. Guess she’s not faking it for the cameras! She was really surprisingly warm and sweet by the way!

AMAZING AND UNREAL CONCLUSION TO PRIDE WEEK, NEW YORK! New York, I love you, and you’re bringing me UP. So take that, LCD Soundsystem!

Happy Pride, everyone!

Forever21 on B’way

No, it’s NOT a musical about unfair wages for cheap trendy clothes! IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

As a young girl who likes putting together an outfit before I walk out the door, working with a college student budget makes attempting to be fashionista rather challenging. So yes, certainly, from time to time slash ALWAYS I can appreciate the allure of the Forever21 retail chain of glory that touts blatant designer knockoffs and costume jewelry that turns your fingers green or falls apart by the time sequins and studs are out of style anyway.

If I want to try out the Oxford shoe trend, for instance, why would I invest in designer duds, when I could wreck a cheap-o pair that results in relatively the same effect?

I’ve been excited for quite some time, then, for the new Forever 21 in the middle of Times Square (in the old Virgin Megastore building), mere BLOCKS from where I intern. I could see many a lunch break wasted roaming the bowls of cocktail rings.

Imagine my delight when I got to go to the GRAND OPENING at 10am on Friday, June 25th! This was no average grand opening. IT WAS A PEP RALLY EXTRAVAGANZA OF APPROPRIATELY OUTRAGEOUS 21ST BIRTHDAY-LIKE PROPORTIONS!!!


okay, so I got REALLY excited.

I now have an official stance on all those “labor laws” and “slave wage” rumors that always seem to come up when I walk in the door post-excursion, and I’m holding a trademark fluorescent yellow plastic bag with a secretive psalm on the bottom: the stance is that: LOOK. IT’S A RECESSION. IF I CAN GET A BREEZY BEACH DRESS FOR $13.50, YOU CAN BE SURE THAT I AM GOING TO BE WEARING THAT DRESS TO THE BEACH! Hrrrrumph.

This store is 4 stories of AMAZING GLORY and all o y’all can enjoy spending $300 too much on that silk romper, cause this poly-blend should be more than sufficient to romp around in at my age.

ICE is NICE Free Marketing, Brah.


So if you are a human, you are likely aware of the new VIRALity with which “icing” has taken over society.

There’s been stuff written about it in The Huffington Post, (on many occasions) and Christ, even the NEW YORK TIMES wrote about it. TWICE.

Apparently, when a BRO approaches a fellow BRO with a smirnoff ice (the wine coolery beverage, which is by no means traditionally associated with masculine, testosteroned BROS) the approached bro must chug the drink, or “block” the ice with an ice- block shield-like protection, yadda yadda.

I have a vagina and am not really clear on the exact rules and regulations, please see article links above for a man’s descriptions. (insert eye roll here).

SO SMIRNOFF SHUT THE SITE DOWN!!!!, which I understand started somewhere in the southern fraternity region (#shocking), has gone DARK.

the site now looks like this:

I THOUGHT THE WHOLE CONCEPT WAS GENIUS FREE MARKETING! Smirnoff Ice used to be a shameful girly BIDDIE drink made for the Sammis of the Jersey Shore to sip from a crazy straw between dips in the jacuzzi while donning a coconut bikini.

What a great way to re-brand the drink for an ETERNALLY LOYAL alcohol consumer: THE BRO. These are the young men who are the future of the world! Those who buy 16 kegs for a Friday night and devotedly pick a beer & stick with it. Smirnoff Ice is now associated with this bro, and Smirnoff shouldn’t care that it MAY support excessive drinking. This has been the best alcohol campaign since Budweiser’s “Real Men of Genius!”

….and sorry Smirnoff, it’s not like your site screams support for the Pope and staying in on Saturday.

While I cannot personally condone the absolute absurdity and COMPLETE ridiculosity that is this “game” I CAN most certainly say I’d LOVE to see the sales of Smirnoff ice from this past month, as I am sure they SKYROCKETED in the untapped male markets age 21-34.

Fools, $mirnoff. Fools. You’re an alcohol. No one expects you to be a nice, soft, fuzzy brand we love and admire for promoting responsible drinking. Leave that to Tropicana. You picked the colors OF THE DEVIL to be associated with your drunk Russian selves. So rake in the $ales and enjoy your new throne in the kingdom of Fraternity Row.

End. Rant.

#iwny #thepromise

Monday marked the final day of INTERNET WEEK NEW YORK 2010

A wonderful week dedicated to all of those Apple-affectionate souls who freak without wifi, and tweet phrases before they think ‘em. Naturally, I belong to the latter.

Through the MAGIC OF INTERNSHIP SERENDIPITOUS FORTUNE, I was able to help THINKSOCIAL with check-in at Thursday, June 10th’s event (the #promise).

Live tweeting from IWNY HQ, I had never been in a room where having your phone out was so socially acceptable (pun intended). Social media mavens were everywhere, and I may have found mecca.

The panels were crazy interesting, and major companies had wildly valid insight into how social media can “help the greater good”

One concern addressed in the discussions and panels was the difference between “getting the word out” and “taking action.”

Twitter’s Claire Williams mentioned Twitter’s experimentation with “twitpay” as micro-donation platform for charitable campaigns.

There was a live twitter feed that popped onscreen between presentations or during Q&A’s, and as to be expected, this double-edged sword showed when people were bored and ready for lunch, or pleased with speakers, or disagreed with what was going on.

MTV’s Jason Rzepka, behind the “A THIN LINE” campaign and others, explained that “if you pick the right issue & do it right, it can totally drive business.”

Edward Norton spoke about his new platform “crowdrise” which only just recently launched with the motto “if you don’t give back no one will like you.”

I had a hard time thinking that maybe the first rule of crowdrise was not to talk about crowdrise, but this inevitable joke got old quick…

I then rocked security services, and had time to wander the expo, where I stocked up on free pens and PepsiCo product like it was bar mitzvah season, while also exploring the innovation of Internet Week sponsors.

Definitely check out the #promise site and learn more about it, I’m not doing it justice, but IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE and the exposure to all of those incredible industry insiders was u-n-r-e-a-l.

Frappé makes me Happé


To continue the frappucino commentary- MCDONALDS WILL NOW SHAME YOU STARBUCKS.

McDonalds already wowed everyone with their Newman’s Own coffee and their McCafe launch that had everyone pleasantly surprised that they could enjoy a latte for under $4. It felt wrong, and I was confused. A hot mocha beverage for LESS than the price of an entire meal? I didn’t understand and my throat was befuddled when I would sip McCafe beverages. THEY WERE SO REASONABLY PRICED! And every red-blooded American loves Paul Newman. Duh.

It was genius of old McDonald, and last April, when I walked into a New York McDonalds, I saw a new item on the menu. An item that was sure to satisfy my actual, eternal, unending, craving for a milkshake that I typically quell with a latte because it matches my outfit better, and walking down the street with an iced coffee is more socially acceptable than if I were to stroll with an extra large UBurger Chocolate shake.

Because, fact is, I AM ALWAYSSSSS IN THE MOOD FOR A MILKSHAKE. Milkshakes are delicious and amazing AND FUN and the only thing tastier is tuna tar tare. Glistening above the McDonalds register was a sign advertising a new concoction, that for 2.99 plus tax for a small, I was willing to endeavor into the unknown for. A mocha frappe. No whip. I never liked whipped cream, but HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES SMALL MOCHA FRAPPE FROM MCDONALDS I HAVE LOVED NOTHING LIKE I LOVE YOU. I GIVE YOU 18 THUMBS UP AND WILL INDULGE IN YOU DAILY.

They’re perfect. They’re like a jillion hugs loving and gliding down your throat! Like a mocha coffee milkshake, they’re not too icey like Frappucinos, and they’re already CRAZY sweet so I don’t have to take the time to add sugar. A small is more than satisfying, and at this price, I can actually afford you! And McDonalds are EVERYWHERE SO I CAN ALWAYS HAVE YOU. So, dear mocha frappe, I love you. That is all. Everyone go out and try. Unless you don’t have a sweet tooth. In which case, go drink a green tea or something cause mickey dees frappes are not for the diabetics. Raise your teacup to the frappes, and drink up!