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I. love. this. word.

zeitgeist. Say it aloud. zeitgeist.

tweet it.

hashtag it.

it’s an awesome word. I don’t remember where or when I first heard it, but I know that if there’s an opportunity to use it, I go for it. Not everyone is sure exactly what it means, though it isn’t too challenging of a word that no one’s ever heard of it or couldn’t decipher its meaning based on context.

Zeitgeist is a word that truly captures how awesome words with cool meanings are, since it means something awesome, and sounds awesome too. zeitgeist itself is awesome. and the word is awesome. and the concept is awesome.

At a time when technology and cultural shifts are so ubiquitous, I find myself integrating this term into casual conversation more often than could be considered normal,which inevitably leads to the conversation shift towards a discussion of the word zeitgeist.

So, say it again. zeitgeist. Now use it. zeitgeist. Now use it tomorrow. and then once more next week. and then always remember to use it always, for it is an AWESOME word.



In high school I joined indoor track and race-walked so I could have athletics on my college resume and appear well rounded. Sports? Not my thing. Hashtags? Something I can get on board with.

Mississippi State painted a #hailstate hashtag in their end zone for a big game and HOLY HASHTAG this is brilliant. The idea is so obvious and it had never been done before! I don’t really follow baseball (that was a joke that some people may not know that I know was a joke, and end zones are for soccer football, obviously, and I knew all that before coming across this story).

This is an AMAZING way for fans at the game and at home to follow along and promote the hashtag and the game.  It’s the first time I have ever felt left out coming from a football-less school.  We can be sure to see this start happening in professional sports and all over the place. With foursquare event check ins as well, the social experience at sporting events (and all events) is sure to expand in the coming months exponentially. I raise my teacup to you, Mississippi State Bulldogs. Brava. #HAILSTATE

The Hawthorne

It is hardly a secret that Eastern Standard (Kitchen & Drinks) in Kenmore Square is my happy place. The restaurant is absolutely perfect for any and every and all occasions, and I absolutely love it there.

Garrett, silver fox.

In fall of 2010, when I learned that Garrett Harker and Jackson Cannon, the brilliance behind ESKD, were opening a seafood haven on the same block as ESKD, I thought things in Kenmore Square could never possibly get better. Alas, I should know that anyone behind something as magical as a Blueberry Thrill will always have more delights up their sleeve. Island Creek Oyster Bar (ICOB) was not the only space in the east of the square, and I learned last summer that the vacant space that had been a bar/ lounge months prior, was to be the next execution of the glorious Commonwealth Avenue vision.

The Hawthorne is the lounge to Eastern Standard’s restaurant, if you will, and it is far more than that. “Bar 500A” (as the Twitter handle speakeasily asserts) offers craft cocktails, fine wines, and small bites that match perfectly with the venues sleek and simultaneously homey atmosphere. Opening night was packed with swanky Bostonians who had similarly been waiting with bated breath for the doors to open.

menu snapshot

The Aviation, one of my favorite cocktails that ES prepares exquisitely, can be made “ancient or modern” and both ways are DIVINE. The coming weeks will allow the bar to settle itself and really shine as the premier hang out (and GREAT party venue) on Commonwealth Avenue. I look forward to many evenings of decadence at one of my new favorite spots!

the main bar room

Bay State, the nation’s longest-running and award-winning college soap opera.

I was a senior in high school. I had been watching General Hospital at 3pm every weekday since I was in the womb. I was a major Drama Club nerd, and loved acting. I was looking at Boston University for the first time and touring the College of Communication.

On the wall outside of Studio East on the third floor of the COM Building, I was on a student-guided tour and the film major had just pointed to a poster, explaining that this was the stage where Bay State, the nation’s longest-running, award-winning college soap opera, was filmed every Tuesday.

That was the moment.

I had to come to BU. I had to be on Bay State. Period.

Fortunately, the admissions process worked out nicely for me and by the time I arrived on campus freshman year I knew which club email list I wanted to join.

In auditions, I remember choosing to read for the role of Olivia Montgomery because she seemed the most like Blair Waldorf, my beloved character from the CW’s Gossip Girl.

I got a callback. I was ecstatic. I read again for Olivia. This role needed to be mine. A week later, I got a call from an unknown number, and was offered the role because they “really loved the bitchy Blair Waldorf quality” I brought to the role. Win. Destiny.

I haven’t looked back since. 5 seasons and many episodes of elevator fires, marijuanna scandals, sex, drugs, and murder, and Bay State has been one of the best experiences of my college career. It was a great way for me to satiate the part of my appetite that wanted to act, but try something completely different from musicals and plays. The production is entirely student-run and is a true testament to what students with an affinity for daytime TV can do when they get together on Tuesday evenings. The entire cast and crew is brilliant, creative, hilarious, and Bay State will be something I miss more than anything when my time at BU ends.

Stream episodes 24/7 at!

LAMB: collegiate edition

I love lamb. Inspired by Lambfest ’11, when cooking for my roommates this week, I decided lamb was indubitably going to be on the menu. I come from a family of great cooks, so I have always loved good food and cooking. Home-cooked meals have always been a relative normality in my apartments, and  why not, when cooking can often be just as easy as trekking down the block to Raising Cane’s? (Which by the way, when done properly, can be pretty darn delicious in its own right, my first impressions about that place were way off.)

For the lamb, I couldn’t open the tin of the rub that I picked up at Lambfest, so I just concocted my own with some of my favorite herbs and spices. I cook with a lot of rosemary so I added some (read: a lot) of rosemary. (ALWAYS. ALWAYS ROSEMARY. ROSEMARY CHICKEN. ROSEMARY POTATOES. ROSEMARY CHOCOLATE CAKE. ROSEMARY’S THE BEST BEST BEST!) Though I detest the licorice taste of fennel, fennel seed is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and I love it in sausage and on some meats. With the richness and heartiness of the lamb, fennel seed is perfection. I finished the chops off with some garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, salt, pepper, (the usual), and popped them into the broiler until they were done!

I have always loved radiatore pasta, and whoever claims that all pasta tastes the same: never eat pasta again. You are not worthy. Radiatore pasta tastes better than all others; wagon wheels come in a close second. The supermarket on BU’s campus does not carry enough radiatore variety, and I had to settle on some weirdo veggie brand of radiatore pasta that apparently gives you like 19 full servings of vegetables? It just tasted like pasta. Doused in pesto and parmesan, obviously. My roommates last year all loved parmesan cheese almost as much as I do, and it was a running joke that we were “parmesan people” because we would go through 5 containers of the store-bought cheese every 2 weeks. (I actually don’t think that’s such an exaggeration.)

Spinach is one of my favorite veggies, and it’s so easy to prepare! I hate how you buy a whole package thinking it’s this monstrous amount of green and then when it’s sautéed there’s enough for maybe 1.5 portions. Spinach is all water so it shrivels quick and magically disappears in the pan, but I love sautéed spinach in a pan with some olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, salt, and a tiny squirt of lemon for some zest.

The meal was the perfect satisfaction for my extended lamb cravings, and the indulgence was a simple, practical meal on a Sunday night. #DELISH

Childish Gambino, lame [people] never heard of it.

Follow me on Twitter and you know my affections for Childish Gambino run deep.

Last March I downloaded “EP.” Five songs that were explicit and radically offensive, and I have never listened to an artist in my life the way that I listened to Childish Gambino’s EP. I am not a huge huge fan of rap (duh) and I am not a huge huge fan of unknown rappers, but holy hashtag there was something about this dude.

Turns out, Childish Gambino is the Wu-Tang Clan name that was generated online when Donald Glover typed in his name. Donald Glover is an NYU grad whose face is familiar from his work with Derrick Comedy, writing for 30 Rock, Comedy Central stand-up, and playing Troy on Community.

Donald has been rapping for years, and once I listened to EP I unearthed mixtape after mixtape of tracks that were hilarious and brilliant. Childish Gambino’s music is lyrically intense. The jokes are comical but the wordplay is sheer genius and his cultural references are so spot on for me personally that I completely connected with his music, even though a lot of the subject matter is completely foreign to me.

When he played at The Paradise in May, I completely embarrassed myself as that girl standing in the audience shreiking along with every word with everyone around me wondering why and how I learned all these lyrics. As I mentioned, I have truly never listened to an artist or any music as repeatedly as I did Childish Gambino in those first days. Over and over and over. I’m still not sick of any of it.

I aggressively tweeted at Donald Glover (an avid tweep– no wonder I love his work!) after the show, and the nature of the venue is such that if psychotic fans (read: me) stand outside long enough you’re bound to at least watch the artist walk to the bus parked by the curb out front.

Being obsessed with his music I integrated my need to meet him into every lyric I could think of, and the night ended with me on the tourbus helping execute a postshow show at 1am, after a 2 hour set at the Paradise, performed in the foyer of a Cambridge mansion to a crowd of fortunate college students. #dreaming

With the release of his first “official” album CAMP on November 15th, Donald returned to Boston as Childish Gambino to play the House of Blues and when the entire band remembered me and our fun late night performance, I was in heaven and knew that Gambino is truly a mastermind.

Listen. or don’t if you’re easily agitated.

Essie. Nail. Polish.

I. freaking. LOVE. essie. nail polish.

I should just end my sentiments right there. Because, really, I. freaking. LOVE. essie. nail polish.

There’s little more to say than that I. freaking. LOVE. essie. nail polish. because essie nail polish is freaking loveably perfect.

bobbing for baubles, of the winter 2011 collection

I came across the polish in my youthful years at nail salons, but had never really encountered it in its true, beautifully wholesome form until college. My roommate freshman year had a thing for the feeling of her clean hands post-manicure and needed always-polished fingernails, so she had two bottles of essie always on hand. I didn’t understand her sentiments. Now I do. I really do.

Any girl who has seen Legally Blonde the non-negotiable eighteen times a year knows that a manicure is the solution to all of life’s problems. Not to get too biddie here, but Elle Woods knows what she’s preachin’ about.

Elle knows that a manicure is the ultimate mood-booster.

Freshly polished hands look better, and make you feel better. Every gesture you make is suddenly beaming with the glistening shine off newly lacquered nails. You want to touch everything. Texting is instantly more enjoyable. You find yourself completing the “mandatory” reading for that philosophy elective you took on a whim solely to drool over your fingers flipping the page. It’s amazing, and the masculinity-conscious men are missing out BIG TIME.

I had always thought that it was the manicurist’s magical skill that sculpted my nails and painted so delicately that made the manicure what it was. And then I borrowed my roommate’s nail polish. I’ll never forget the moment when I first whipped out the essie brush and the wicked color dripped onto my right pinky. It’s not the stereotypical and condescending salon ladies that make the manicure what it is. It’s all in the polish.

This ground-breaking revelation hit me harder than the time I realized the remarkable outfit-shifting capabilities of a pair of faboosh high heels. (I mean, they change everything.)

The essie polish and brush makes the manicure look glossy and lacquered and wonderful. My life was forever changed. I tried looking into other options, O.P.I. and Sally Hansen were certainly at a salon price point, but they just didn’t offer the same things that essie did. The names. The wonderfully quirky names that vary thematically each season. The options to change my whole week whether I go dark with licorice, or pop with geranium, or remain neutral and professional with limo-scene. All the girls know the new collections when they come out. It’s like this wonderfully culty club that I could now be part of! Yes, the first sign of summer means to slop on the fiji. No, there is occasion where waltz or ballet slippers is inappropriate. And YES, wicked is always the right choice.

Four years and 8 (yes, eight.) bottles of wicked later, my love remains true. I’ll certainly change my style with my mood and experiment or dabble with trends like the neons of bright tights and funky limelight, or that one fall where everyone was wearing mint candy apple, that is really more of a Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue than it was a part of that mint green nail trend. More than anything, it’s the emotional connection I have with essie that makes me love it so very, very much. Other nail polishes just don’t make me feel the same. Though O.P.I. certainly has very clever names (Ski Teal We Drop? Absolutely adorable), there is something about that teeny white cap and crisp clear bottle that just makes me so, so happy. It all comes down to the basic premise that I. freaking. LOVE. everything about essie. nail polish. Comment with your top go-to hues!