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Smart smartwater

I love smartwater more than Jenn. I always love having a water bottle on me, and the size of the larger smartwater bottles are just big enough without being monstrous, and they’re just small enough that I can tote them around and feel like a cool post-gym celeb.

Best of all, smartwater bottles allow for the SMARTWATER GAME!!

Did you know that all the bottles of smartwater have a little animal on the inside of the packaging? As an advertising major, things like this excite me far more than they should. The bottles are so sleek and sexy and minimalist and then OOP! SURPRISE CUTE WIDDLE BITTY GOLDFISHY ON THE INSIDE! It’s the MOST delightful treat.

But the animals don’t stop at the goldfish. There’s environmentally conscious whimsical messaging with each animal, from an otter, to a duck, or a frog or crab! When buying a new bottle, I never peek and the game is to try to guess the animal you may get, and hope for a good one. The goldfish used to be the most aggressively ubiquitous and you’d ALWAYS get the goldfish, so you’d hope for the more elusive duck or crab. My latest snag was the otter, who reminds us that we should always drink responsibly and recycle, “you know you otter!”

The sheer delight in my day that is the smartwater bottles are a small treat that make purchasing the water well worth it. Oh, yeah, and I guess the actual water tastes great too. #likethatmatters.