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John Mayer, back in the bean


Wednesday night I got the most DELIGHTFUL surprise! Ian Connelly, fellow CCHS grad and current NEU student, invited me to the John Mayer TD Banknorth concert. A much-tweeted about event, when John (yea, we’re 1st-name basis, what?) plays the Bean it’s a big deal.

As Boston Magazine aptly noted in this month’s issue: “Berklee-trained tabloid target John Mayer has become a big alumni booster in recent years, returning to Mass. Ave. to teach students the ways of the songmaster. [The] concert offers another lesson for struggling six-string hopefuls (and one that school administrators might prefer they forget): A Berklee dropout with a few semesters of D’s and F’s can go on to sell out the Garden.”

Michael Franti and friends, the opening act, was a hilarious “pied piper” (shoutout @donovans8), and the back up singers and guitarists did an excellent job of proving that John ain’t no racist. We love JM because he is so wildly and extraordinarily talented. We all know, and HE IS SO SELF-AWARE AS WELL, that his ego is more monstrous than JSimpson. However, his talent is SO unparalleled, HOW CAN YOU CARE?

Live, it was like watching a modern Mozart. (my video recording of Neon!) JM is so incredibly EPIC and put on a great show. Room for Squares and Heavier Things are the only 2 albums (aside from Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane & Spice World) that I could LITERALLY listen to on repeat for centuries. And have listened to on repeat for years…


Yes, I live-tweeted throughout the concert. Sorry to my followers, but it was necessary. Some notable excerpts for your own perusal:

@KelseyLabrot and I just did diamonds across td garden. YESSSSS

This girl made a poster &the best she could come up w is”hey john my body is a wonderland”?How.Clever.&original.Bet hes nevr heard that1 b4

Omg were playing count the plaid/flannel button downs. SO MANY MANY PLAIDS

This has been great for pplwatching QUALITY SPOTTINGS

Crap. He’s just this incredibly talented little jewish kid w a guitar from ct

Rm 757 150 mass aveeeee

Tonyravinsky would be so jealous of me and ian right nowwww

Live, he sounds just like his recordings. That’s only ever happened w the spice girls. He’s very talented

@johncmayer walked on newbs and ate at fridays &makes fun of mit. EPIC.

RT @KelseyLabrot: “Wow I really thought there were more people in here that have dreams” – @johncmayer

Some north end caffe vittoria after the show! Yum!


Now, go check out IAN, because he is genuinely incredibly amazing, and as a “music industry” major, when he makes it big, I want  to be cited in the E! True Hollywood story, dah.